Waste Not – Casey Jenkins

Durational Performance
from: 02.11.2017

Lady Gaby – Beware of the Beholder

installation, durational performance
from: 29.10.2017

Pedro Ferreira, “Erosion,” Super8 Performance

Super8 live cinema performance
from: 28.10.2017

TK & DLO – 3rd Person

from: 28.10.2017
to: 29.10.2017

Ainsley E. Tharp – After All These Years

video-assisted dance performance
from: 28.10.2017

Agnus Tam & Michiyasu Furutani – Lamentation

Wednesday October 25 2017, 17-17.30pm
from: 25.10.2017

Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell – Platinum+

from: 24.10.2017

Lady Gaby – Beware of the Beholder

from: 23.10.2017
to: 29.10.2017

Reception for Songs from Misanthropolis

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 6-9PM
from: 10.10.2017


HERspace Arts Festival Berlin

Int. Female Arts & Culture
from: 23.09.2017

Writer Talk & Reading – Angela Flury

Berlin Cards & Crimes, novel-in-progress
from: 10.08.2017

Kama Sokolnicka

The Glare – Kama Sokolnicka

Summer solstice work presentation, book launch & artist's talk
from: 21.06.2017

15″ Performance Cycle: Chemistry

Performance Cycle
from: 13.05.2017

Iman Person

Mother Tongue – Performance by Iman Person (US)

from: 05.05.2017

Natusha Croes

Could that last sentence be the title? – Natusha Croes

Performance/Book Launch/Screening
from: 29.04.2017

natusha croes performance

The Heart Shall Be in the Title – Natusha Croes Performance

from: 28.03.2017

Hypernatural Sounds #4: Objet Autre

Hypernatural Sounds #4: Objet Autre – Performances/Q&A

The philosophy behind Sound-art and music.
from: 12.02.2017

Give Something Back to Berlin

Give Something Back to Berlin Fundraiser

from: 13.12.2016

Hunting the Stolen Billions

Hunting the Stolen Billions

Exhibition, Lectures & Talks
from: 08.12.2016
to: 11.12.2016

Korean Kitchen Popup Dinner with Mimi Kang

Pop-up Dinner
from: 01.10.2016

Lisa Stertz: »LOVE.« – Book Presentation

Performance Art Book Launch & Documentation
from: 21.09.2016

Hannes Ribarits - Slacker Manifesto

Screening: Neuromantics Spacetime

Films by Basma Alsharif, Beatrice Gibson & Hannes Ribarits
from: 06.09.2016

Cinémas de Traverse

Screening: Cinémas de Traverse

Experimental Cinema Documentary by Michel Amarger and Frédérique Devaux
from: 02.09.2016

Artist’s Talk: Meeting John Strasberg

from: 31.08.2016

Rah Eleh - Dear Sister

Cinema Conversación: Rah Eleh – Dear Sister

Screening & Q&A
from: 18.08.2016

Cinema Conversación: Emre Busse&Ceven Knowles – Landlords

from: 28.07.2016

Victor Wilde - Was ist los

Victor Wilde – Was ist los

interdisciplinary multimedia micro-residency
from: 28.06.2016
to: 02.07.2016

Spherical Revolution – Pedro Zaz

The Past, Present, and Future of Fulldome and VR
from: 15.06.2016

Global Diplomacy Lab at SomoS 2016

Global Diplomacy Lab

Gallery Walk
from: 09.06.2016


from: 21.05.2016
to: 26.06.2016

Hypernatural Sounds #2: Unheard

Vorspiel Transmediale
from: 01.02.2016

Zeix Shawl (SomoS Installation view)

Queer(ing) Art

A Conversation with Jérome Chazeix & Yener Bayramoğlu
from: 30.01.2016

Panel-Rethinking Retail

Panel Discussion: Rethinking Retail

Wissenschaftsjahr 2015 / Zukunftsstadt
from: 11.01.2016

Five Senses - Reading/Improv Session by Travis Jeppesen & Snax

Five Senses: a Performative Reading by Travis Jeppesen & Snax

Reading/ Improv Session - 7pm sharp
from: 09.12.2015

Bruce La Bruce - Slide 039

Artist Talk: Bruce LaBruce

The artist/director speaks at the Fixation finissage.
from: 05.11.2015


MultiMadeira Artist in Residence Presentation

Presentation of MultiMadeira AIR 2015/16
from: 04.11.2015

When File Found meets Quimera Rosa

from: 30.10.2015

Shu Lea Cheang’s “FLUIDØ” Casting

Open Casting for the director's new film
from: 23.10.2015

The Hour of the Wolf

an improvisational duet piece
from: 03.09.2015

Media Art Salon: Soundronic Performance

Media Art Performance
from: 16.07.2015
to: 16.07.2015

Alter Angle #5: Jasko Begovic

from: 07.07.2015

LOVE. – Lisa Stertz

Performance Series/Exhibition
from: 01.07.2015
to: 03.07.2015

48 Stunden Neukoelln Festival

Guided Tours, Live Drawing/Painting
from: 26.06.2015
to: 28.06.2015

Tokyo Short Art Film Screening

from: 19.06.2015


Artist Talk & Performance
from: 18.06.2015

Tokyo Animation Screening & Cosplay

from: 12.06.2015

Cultup Alemania

Conference for Spanish Creatives in Berlin
from: 28.05.2015
to: 29.05.2015

Talk: Art and Environmental Policy

Conversation Prof. Dr. Miranda Schreurs & artist Klaus Hu
from: 20.05.2015

Klaus Hu Artist Talk/Screening

Unsettled Landscapes
from: 14.05.2015

Louie Otesanek: You-exist, 2013, 90 x 70cm

EWIGER TRAUM – Paintings of Louie Otesanek

from: 03.04.2015
to: 17.04.2015

Jakub Červenka - http://jakubcervenka.tumblr.com


from: 23.03.2015
to: 29.03.2015


Lecture and Live Demonstration
from: 18.03.2015


Lecture & Presentation
from: 11.03.2015

An Ode to the Beast and the Feast – Narrative Dining by Daniel Morgan

With paintings by Magda Kaufmann
from: 27.02.2015
to: 28.02.2015

Cinema Conversación: Thiago Dezan

from: 12.02.2015

Butoh Beach – Featuring Tata Christiane

from: 20.01.2015


Exhibition & Performance by Peter Baecker and Florian Groehn
from: 17.10.2014

Media Art Salon with Telematique & U-matic

Tech Open Air festival satellite presentation
from: 17.07.2014
to: 17.07.2014

Unclean In Motion

Screening and Performance related to the Unclean exhibition
from: 28.06.2014

MIscha Tangian

Mischa Tangian – Unclean Music

Musical Performance
from: 18.06.2014

Pedro Bustamante – Sacrificial Rituals in Capitalist Religion

from: 18.06.2014

Fanzine Launch/Artist Talk

With Joanna Fatorelli, Stefano Castronovo and Donato Del Giudice
from: 12.04.2014

Maneki Neko Book Presentation

Thomas Goetz von Aust & Sylvia Lundschien
from: 05.04.2014

Die Waffen unsere Eltern

Super 8 Film Screening & Talk Bernard Foell with Heiner Muehlenbrock
from: 08.03.2014

Performance: The Last Supper

Performance by Voin de Voin
from: 28.02.2014


Super Food Pop Up Dinner
from: 08.02.2014
to: 08.02.2014

Entertainment for the Braindead

from: 01.02.2014

Reading: Almost Home

Reading and book presentation
from: 30.01.2014

Podiumsdiskussion Gentrification

from: 25.01.2014

Cinema Conversación

Talk/Screening by Filmmaker Nelson Carlo
from: 11.12.2013

SomoS Goes Wild

from: 30.11.2013
to: 30.11.2013

Goethe Institute Bangalore

BangaloREsidency Informational Reception
from: 17.11.2013

Analysis – Neo Supper

from: 31.10.2013

J.Jackie Baier – Julia Film Reception

Julia Berlin Film Premiere Reception
from: 24.10.2013

The Unreliable Tour Guide – MOMUS

from: 02.10.2013

Carribean Feast

from: 27.09.2013

Ode to the Sea

from: 13.09.2013
to: 14.09.2013

In Between

Performance by Mette Loulou & Beck Heiberg
from: 20.07.2013
to: 06.08.2013

A Walk through the Forest

from: 15.07.2013

ALTER ANGLE – Berlin Fashion Week Designers’ Spotlight

from: 02.07.2013
to: 07.07.2013


Performance by Mischa Badasyan & Ksenia Telepova
from: 15.06.2013