Introducing New SomoS Researcher Ksenia Yurkova

from: 01.07.2017   to: 01.08.2017

SomoS is pleased to announce new resident researcher, Russian artist Ksenia Yurkova.

Educated and working between Russia and Finland, Yurkova will fulfill a one month residency program to continue her current project, “Backbone Memories,” dealing with the political aspect of food in relation to trauma, survival and reconstruction of collective imagination.

Yurkova’s interest in the 1941-44 Leningrad Blockade gave her the chance to conduct some studies about the comparison between besieged humanity and the caged animals in a zoo.

Her residency at SomoS will bring her to interview Berliners who believe in the causes of vegetarianism, veganism, dumpsters diving, green activism and guerrilla gardening among others.

Ksenia Yurkova is a Russian artist currently based in Helsinki. She works primarily with photography, video and artist’s books. The main focus of her interest is language: the varieties of its substance, the possibility of conversion, its mythological aspect, stereotyping (the question of personal and political self-identification and identification by others), problems of memory, attitudes, and reliance. Ksenia Yurkova has taken part in numerous shows and festivals worldwide. At the moment she is studying towards her MFA at the Academy of Fine Arts of Uniarts Helsinki.

Call for Participants:

For her project about the political aspect of food, Ksenia Yurkova is looking to conduct video interviews with vegans, vegetarians, green activists, dumpster divers, guerrilla gardeners, etc. to be filmed at their favorite cafe eating a vegan/ vegetarian meal. The short video is made while eating and answering questions; mostly about the origin of their lifestyle, ideology, plus some speculations. If interested to participate, please contact Ksenia directly for details:

Ksenia Yurkova homepage