Introducing SomoS Artist-in-Residence Alexandre Baptista

New Social Practice

from: 01.05.2017   to: 31.07.2017

SomoS is pleased to welcome Alexandre Baptista from São Paulo, Brazil for a three months’ artist residency. Baptista works with text, installation, photography, and social media. He joined SomoS Art House in May 2017 to expand his ongoing project “Social words / ME”.

During the residency at SomoS, Baptista will dive deeper into his ongoing project “Social words / ME.” He aims to produce “inter-texts” between different languages (German/English/Portuguese) considering translation as an inner experience of the world. His “inter-texts” are released into the streets and on social media where they confront the general audience with the signs of daily life.

Part of his project “Social words / ME” will be presented in the exhibition Reflexive, at SomoS on July 2017 by way of mixed media, installation and video.

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