Marguerite Harris – Film is Un/Dead

AIR Exhibition, Screening & Workshop

from: 30.08.2016   to: 04.09.2016

From Tuesday August 30 until September 4, 2016, SomoS Artist-in Residence Marguerite Harris will present her Expanded Cinema installation “Film is Un/Dead.”

Harris’ work incorporates elements of collage, analog film, video-art, installation and New Media; merging older or outmoded techniques such as film and video signals with newer editing and computer graphing techniques, creating hybrid works.

Harris is interested “in the way technology continues to “evolve” as well as the illusion of single images which form in relation to the movement and speed of the camera and forms of light.”

During the exhibition, Marguerite Harris will conduct an analog cameraless film treatment workshop, and present Cinemas de Traverse; a screening on the history and current examples of Experimental Cinema.

Opening Reception: August 30, 2016, 6-9pm (entry free)
Exhibition Duration: August 31 – September 4, 2016, daily from 2-7pm
Expanded Cinema Film Screening: “Cinémas de Traverse”:
September 2, 6-10pm
Workshop: DIY Creative Analog Film Treatments & Processes:
September 3 &4 , 2016, 1-5pm (cost: 10€ for two days)