OPEN CALL: 15″ Performance Cycle

A New Performance Series in Berlin

from: 23.05.2017   to: 17.10.2017


15” – Fifteen Minute Performance Cycle — The Stages of Love and Heartbreak

SomoS presents the installment of a new performance art series curated together with Fecunda Lab, in which they provide a new platform for community and good-natured competition. In this playful performance tournament, the artists are invited to use the medium of performing art, their voices and/or their bodies to express themselves in the interpretation of something that concerns all of us at some point in life: “The Stages of Love and Heartbreak”.

The Stages of Love and Heartbreak will progress through nine sessions overall:

Chemistry, Passion, Fear, Love, Heartbreak, Denial, Relapse, Anger, Acceptance.

Following the successful expression of ‘Chemistry’ in four performances, this topic in the cycle—’Passion’—will be the second in the series.


From May ‘17 to. Sept ‘18

Every time four different performers will present their interpretation of the topic in a cycle of performances lasting 15 minutes each. The audience will be able to vote which two pieces will move to the next round.

There will be a total of 16 Performers in 4 Groups, The two winners of the 1^ and the 2^ Round will be together in a competition ( Jan ‘18), as well the Winners of the 3^ and 4^ (March ‘18). The two new winners will have a semi-final (May ‘18).

The winner will have a SOLO presentation in July ‘18.


Open Call for Performers who want to ‘talk’ with their Body and Emotions.


Send an email with the subject: 15 PERFORMANCE, a link to your work and info sheet : artists involved / concept /Rider/ plus a minimum of 2 high quality images to:


Passion 17 June 2017

Fear 17 August 2017

Love 17 October 2017

Passion - Fifteen Minute Performance Cycle

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Photos: Bea Rodrigues