Exhibition & Performance by Peter Baecker and Florian Groehn

from: 17.10.2014 7pm  to: 10pm

For the large format photographic prints presented in the SLAP exhibition, photographer Florian Groehn and performance artist Peter Baecker cooperated aiming to capture the high-energy that Peter Baecker creates within his performance “Peter Baecker LIVE”.

During the opening there will be a Peter Baecker LIVE – performance. RSVP

About Florian Groehn:
German born (1974) and Berlin based photographer Florian Groehn has spent many years in Australia. Florian works internationally on assignments and campaigns. An unstoppable passion for photography sees Florian continuously working on a body of personal work that often takes him to obscure places. With a focus on raw beauty, fashion, originality and distinction, his goal is to push the boundaries of visual storytelling.

Florian Groehn Artist Statement:
I have seen Peter Baecker transforming an audience of complete strangers; projecting the energy that he creates into the crowd. I was intrigued by this phenomenon and was curious to see if we could explore the essence of his performance with photography. We used a photographic high-speed flash procedure that managed to extract and reveal emotions and expressions that were not visible to the human eye due to their rapid transience.

About Peter Baecker and “Peter Baecker LIVE”:
Peter Baecker, born 1973 in Innsbruck, Austria, lives and works in Berlin and Sydney as Entertainer, Performance Artist, Dancer and DJ; instigating artistic events and happenings around the globe. With his high energy dance happening/performance “Peter Baecker LIVE” the artist explores and impersonates the immense power and sentiments that lay in 80s Pop Music.

Peter Baecker Artist Statement:
As a performance-artist I always try to find ways to capture the essence of my art, by preserving its full impact. Working with a photographer means to use another artistic medium to explore this. This can be tricky and you never know, if the result will meet your intentions. With Florian we ended up with a result that was beyond our expectations.