Group Exhibition

from: 23.10.2018   to: 28.10.2018

For the Un_becoming group exhibition, taking place October 23-28 2018 at SomoS Art House in Berlin (coinciding with the Berlin PornfilmFestival), SomoS presents performative projects and ephemeral installations as critical and radical responses to themes such as the overlapping of sexualized and gendered bodies with technology; the intersections between transhumanism and critical posthumanism with technology, pornography and eroticism; and the spectrum of darkness and lightness that interweaves dystopian and utopian perspectives on our technologically mediated view of sexuality and society.

The exhibition’s title, Un_Becoming, is a multi-faceted and fluid play on words, which can refer to many things. It is the process of transgressing corporeal boundaries, and questions of how our technologically mediated view of society is shifting what it means to be human. It is the notion that pornography itself is Unbecoming; taboo, shocking and ill-fitting to the normative and capitalist model of an ideal lifestyle/relationship/sexuality. It is an unfixed and fluid state; (Un)Becoming and not being. It is the plethora of contradictions and paradoxes that pervade debates around pornography and technology: distance/proximity, public/private, emancipation/oppression, utopia/dystopia etc. As such, it is also the understanding of Becoming as construction, and Unbecoming as deconstruction.

The participating artists will be announced shortly.

The Un_Becoming exhibition at SomoS Art House in Berlin will take place from October 23rd to October 28th, 2018, in conjunction with the Berlin PornFilmFestival.

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