P2P Project Feedback Session P2P Project Feedback Session

P2P Project Feedback Session

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at 7 – 9 pm, SomoS host a new edition of our regular Peer to Peer Feedback Sessions, this time moderated by SomoS Artist-in-Residence, Belgian visual artist Jan Verbruggen. This session is open to artists, curator ...

Black Jaguar – Ghosts & Monsters Black Jaguar – Ghosts & Monsters

Black Jaguar - Ghosts & Monsters

For this interview, we present South-Korean born artist Black Jaguar, who is based in Seoul. Her work is strongly rooted in the subversion of patriarchy, as well as the reappropriation of misogynistic views of the Monstrous Feminine in Sout ...

Black Jaguar – Spiegel/반사! Black Jaguar – Spiegel/반사!

Black Jaguar - Spiegel/반사!

Opening Thursday, December 12th2019, 6pm, the results of Korean artist and activist Black Jaguar’s three-month artist residency are presented at SomoS Berlin in her solo exhibition “Spiegel/반사!.” Conceptually uniting an array of technique ...

Fantastic Beings – Workshop Fantastic Beings – Workshop

Fantastic Beings - Workshop

In the “Fantastic Beings – Body Sculpting & Assemblage Workshop,” Spanish multidisciplinary artist Iria Do Castelo will teach you how to build a human-like sculpture using plaster bandages, homemade paper mache, clay ...

Jan Verbruggen Jan Verbruggen

Jan Verbruggen

In his work, visual artist Jan Verbruggen deals with the fundamental human condition of feeling lost or disoriented. Based in Brussels, the artist works in a number of mediums; primarily painting, drawing and installation, as a way to gain ...

Black Jaguar Black Jaguar

Black Jaguar

Black Jaguar is a multidisciplinary artist, who aims to subvert patriarchal attitudes in South Korea, working with performance, fashion, photography, film, drawing, object and installation. Her work is inspired by current feminist issues i ...

Iria do Castelo Iria do Castelo

Iria do Castelo

Iria do Castelo designs her installations drawing from the hidden tensions and impulses of human’s psychology. She investigates the body and the unconscious perception that we have of it, materializing it into sculpture. Looking at eroticis ...

Alannah Louët Alannah Louët

Alannah Louët

Alannah Louët is a London-based interdisciplinary artist, originally from Ireland. While Louët primarily works within the medium of photography, the distinct subject matter of each of her projects determine her various techniques, including ...


Body Sculpting & Assemblage Workshop with Iria do Castelo
Saturday-Sunday, December 7-8, 10am-6pm
In the Fantastic Beings – Body Sculpting & Assemblage Workshop, Spanish multidisciplinary artist Iria Do Castelo will teach you how to build a human-like sculpture using plaster bandages, homemade paper mache, clay and found objects. The workshop is designed to give an opportunity to participants to improve their creative process and explore new paths of sculpture and assemblage together with an established artist.

Opening Thursday, December 12th2019, 6-9pm
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 12, 6-9pm
Ghost Dance, Performance: Tuesday, December 17, 7pm
Exhibition Duration: December 13-21, Tuesday-Saturday, 2-7pm, and by appointment
Entry as always free
With the solo exhibition Spiegel/반사!, SomoS presents the results of Korean artist Black Jaguar’s three-month Berlin artist residency. Conceptually uniting an array of techniques including drawing, film, photography, objects, installation, performance and fashion, Black Jaguar views her work as a deflection against oppressive cultures and as a protective shield for marginalized people.

By reappropriating negative representations of women and serving marginalized groups in her multidisciplinary work, Black Jaguar declares solidarity with minorities, allowing them to protect and express themselves. Black Jaguar shares insight and creative exploration of Korean women’s experiences with an interested Berlin audience, sparking discussion and cross-cultural dialog.
Supported by the Arts Council Korea.

Arts Council Korea



Marguerite Harris, light experimentation session, SomoS, August 2018
Aritst-in-Residence Marguerite Harris (Paris) working at SomoS, August 2018

Applications for SomoS Berlin Artist-in-Residence Program2020 are now accepted. Inquiries for specific periods are welcome and residents will be accepted on a rolling basis. Note: A residency spot beginning December 2019 has become available on short notice.
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SomoS is happy to welcome several new artists to its Berlin Artist-in-Residence Program 2019.
Daphné Boxer is an independent curator/researcher based in Montréal, where she is co-director of art space and residency program VIE D’ANGE. Her interests lie in the interplay between architecture, urban planning, and new technologies. Daphné researches Post-Soviet urban planning and the impact of new technologies on the development of cities such as Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, and Budapest.
Supported by a grant from the Flemish Government, Belgian visual artist Jan Verbruggen joins SomoS between October and December 2019, taking a Sabbatical from his academic position teaching Painting and Drawing at the Rijks Hoger Onderwijs voor Kunst RHoK Academie Brussels, to work on a solo exhibition that is part of an ongoing project Thesauros, The Treasury, opening January 3rd 2020.
Black Jaguar is a South-Korean feminist activist and multidisciplinary artist, whose work is rooted in the political aim of emboldening female autonomy. Her work spans performance, photography, fashion and drawing, which she brings together with a bold and disruptive style. Jaguar’s artist residency is supported by the Arts Council Korea.
A London-based Irish interdisciplinary artist with a background in photography, Alannah Louët‘s themes include the importance of the otherworldly and the occult to female history, Catholicism’s violent record, and domestic and reproductive labor.
Spanish mixed-media artist Iria do Castelo works on installations and sculptures and drawings which depict a grotesque fantasy world, aimed at uncovering the hidden tensions of human psychology.
Rexy Tseng was born in Taipei, Taiwan, he works as a painter and installation artist in the USA. Tseng is interested in visualizing the nuances of human relationships. His residency is kindly supported by the Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs.


SomoS, Kottbusser Damm 95, 10967 Berlin



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