15″ Performance Cycle: Chemistry

Performance Cycle

13.05.2017 6pm  - 9pm

May 13th 2017, SomoS presented the first installment of a new performance art series curated by Fecunda Lab, in which they provide a new platform for community and good-natured competition for performers, choreographers and dancers.

In this playful performance tournament, the artists are invited to use the medium of performing art to express everyday life concerns. Four performance artists present short pieces that approach the topic of the “the stages of love and heartbreak” through nine sessions, this one—chemistry—being the first in the series.

The audience witnesses a set of performative pieces that will last fifteen minutes each. The subject follows ‘the stages of love and heartbreak’ divided in nine phases: Chemistry, Passion, Fear, Love, Heartbreak, Denial, Relapse, Anger, Acceptance.

A new segment of “The Stages of Love and Heartbreak” will be performed regularly.

The selected artists use their voices and/or their bodies to express each stage. The audience will be able to vote which two pieces will move to the next round. The performer with more votes, will be rewarded with the entrance donations.

Co-produced by Fecunda Lab Berlin and SomoS.
Participation information: fecundalab@nullgmail.com

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Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell

Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell are from Seattle. They make body and text based performance work which investigates masculinity, queerness and privilege by experimenting with webcams, body modification, and butter.
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Lina Valverde

Lina Valverde was born in Germany, and grew up in Costa Rica. She was schooled as professional dancer at the El Barco Conservatory, led by Jimmy Ortiz, and in visual arts at the University of Costa Rica. She is keen to integrate both sensibilities into her work. Valverde has professional experience in independent projects and dance companies in Central America, the Caribbean and Europe. She has presented her choreographic creations as a soloist in Spain, Germany, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Cuba.

KAy Garnellen

KAy Garnellen is a trans porn and extreme burlesque performer as well as a sexpositive queer artist, author, actor and activist, whose central theme is the critique of sexuality and gender as they are enforced in our society. KAy has worked with directors such as Cheryl Dunye and Bruce La Bruce.
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Anarella Martinez-Madrid (SP) / Princesa de Limön

Martinez-Madrid is a cultural manager, event producer, and performance artist living and working in Berlin since 2010. She focuses on creating spaces for dialogue, reflection, and experimentation. As a performer she works with spontaneity, impulse, revelry and joy as expressed through her body and the succulent tools such as strawberries, lemons, oranges, champagne, and glitter that she employs.

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Photos: Bea Rodrigues