22+1 Tarot Photo-installation

Viviana Druga & Tata Christiane

01.11.2013   - 15.11.2013

Opening hours:  Wednesday-Saturday, 14-18 h
Duration: November 2-15, 2013

During the past two years Viviana Druga & Tata Christiane have privately hosted a series of performative photographic sessions reenacting the Tarot de Marseille – major arcana. The backdrops, costumes, and props were inspired by the original cards, but also by the artists’ own private mythologies and those of their subjects who were selectively drawn from family, friends, and acquaintances.

Vast eras and auras are being bridged in the ’22+1′ series of art tarot cards. Archetypal symbolism is revived and reinterpreted in contemporary, razor-sharp photo collages, printed and installed as a life-sized game. The relevance of the psychological and transcendental dimensions of the photos, accessed selectively in turn by each viewer, is closely linked to the relativity of the game itself.
The exhibition at SomoS is accompanied by an ongoing performance. The kinetic presentation of the photographs promises to be surprising.

Viviana Druga

Viviana Druga is a Berlin-based artist who uses performance and photography as her main forms of expression. Viviana Druga was born in Transylvania – Romania. Until the age of 12 she would visit her grandparents living near the Carpathian mountains. Her childhood was influenced by the free mountain life and the Christian-Orthodox Mysticism she was introduced to by her mother. Since 2008 Viviana Druga lives and works in Berlin.
Before leaving Romania in 2008, Viviana was predominantly interested in the social side of art, staging activist art performances in Bucharest such as infiltrating the international Biennial, photographing herself with the president on the street, dressed like a guerrilla, and convincing people to pose in their swimsuits in Winter at a busy intersection where an off-limits park had been constructed. Since moving to Berlin, Viviana has been investigating the personal, poetic and ritual side of performance, capturing these new aspects through photography – using art as a magical activity that can help the participants and audience to discover new dimensions of their selves.

Tata Christiane

Fashion/art label Tata Christiane was founded 2007 in Berlin by Julie Bourgeois and Hanri Gabriell. Apart from the production of elaborate collections that blur the division between avant-garde fashion and art, Tata Christiane stands for extensive collaborations in the field of theatre, performance, film, photography and music. Tata Christiane’s style combines a quirky elegance with a punk attitude and artful use of bad taste. Design, cut, and materials add up to what can be described as baroque Streetwear. The team take their inspiration from elaborate historic costumes and the more grotesque expressions of old lady’s wear. The resulting works posses a disturbed sense of beauty, marked by decay, extravagance and excess.

22+1 is supported by Henry Landers, High End Scan und Fine Art Print Atelier.

Finissage: Saturday, November 16th, from 20 – 23 h, featuring: Charlotte: professional Tarot readings, Lady Gaby: story telling performance, Voin de Voin: performance.