A Walk through the Forest


15.07.2013 20h  - 00h

Somos & Chef Daniel Morgan host a dinner to celebrate his recent life experiences of travelling& working in India for 6 months and most recently 2 months at restaurant Noma(two Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen. It is known for its reinvention and interpretation of the Nordic Cuisine. In 2010, 2011 and 2012, it has been ranked as the Best Restaurant in the World).

The focus of the dinner will be foraging and collecting wild food from around us, using cleveraging, and fermentation techniques and natural cooking process’s to bring a new flavour to the table, addressing issues of sustainability and natural food resources. ‘Wild food is something that is so rewarding to use, highly nutritional, free and most importantly seasonal, this is a dinner experience to leave you in awe of what is so regularly available around us.”


The Dinner itself will be a four-course meal. Because of the seasonality of foraging the exact dishes can’t be stated. But it will go something like this:

1st A walk through the forest: Set milk, nettles and woodland flowers

2nd The nightshades from the ground: Duck liver, egg yolks, masala spiced potato , fermentedwild garlic and garlic capers

3rd Presents from the sea: Fish rillettes, fennel blossom, pickled radish, dried tuna.

4th Spring summer on a plate: compote of summer berries, field blossom, and woodruffcrumble)


Daniel Morgan’s enterprise Juxtapose is to create a perfect dining drinking experience that provokes the imagination excites the palate and arouses the senses!! Using clever skills, childhood memories and also inanimate objects…. all food is treated with respect and ethically sourced using local farms and business’s as well as the wild food we can forage from around us.


Exclusive 1 time only 25 people only pop-up dinner experience. 40 Euros per Person, including 4 course meal, desert & half a bottle of wine per guest. The event will take place at 20:00 on Saturday, 15 June at SOMOS in Kottbusser Damm 95,

Kreuzkberg, 10967 Berlin.

For reservations: krs-art@nullhush.co


krs-art@nullhush.com // phone : 017632645518