Artist-in-Residence Exchange Meetup SomoS – GlogauAIR

Artist's Talks / Meetup


More than 10 artists came together on Wednesday, July 17th 2019 for the ongoing Artist-in-Residence exchange meetups between artist residency spaces GlogauAIR and SomoS.

A regular opportunity for resident artist from SomoS to engage with fellow creatives, curators and artists from neighboring AIR initiative GlogauAIR, each session offers exchange with artists representing myriad nationalities and socio-cultural backgrounds; an even larger network of possible collaborations, advice, friendship, experience and a bigger pool of ideas from which creative thinking and process can benefit.

Taking place at GlogauAir (Glogauer Str. 16) on Wednesday July 17th, new arrivals from GlogauAIR’s Summer 2019 AIR program sat down with SomoS resident artists and respective curatorial and support team members, creating a group dynamic with cross-disciplinary influences both conceptual and practical. Enjoying brunch together, the networking and engagement between artists produced many animated conversations, a testament to the strength of shared interests and objectives of both the SomoS and GlogauAIR programs.

Artist-in-Residence exchange meetups foster relations between artists in Berlin, allowing them to connect, support and network in an informal way. The format of the gathering can range from lectures, artist talks, work demos, to studio visits, providing a forum for visiting artists to get to know each other personally as well as to learn about each others’ artistic practice and the projects that are taking place across the city.

GlogauAIR and SomoS are located just a short walk from each other on either side of the Maybachufer that divides Kreuzberg and Neukölln. A friendly and supportive relationship between the two spaces has been maintained for approximately the last 3 years.

Our thanks to all artists who participated:

Marie Hendriks, Laura Palau, Ben Glas, Daniela Schwabe, Malcolm Smith, Nicolò Brezza, Yang Inhee, Paula Elion.

Mikhail Haramati, Jameson Grant, Teiko Ang Zheng.