Alexandre Baptista


01.05.2017   - 31.07.2017

Alexandre Baptista, 26, Brazilian, is an artist and researcher, who spend Summer 2017 as SomoS Artist-in-Residence in Berlin.

Baptista has a degree in Fine Arts from FAAP. His Archival Art engages with our role in an increasingly interconnected world, questioning how in a territory of permanent transformations, laden with images and objects produced by a consumerist society – which one could serve as material to compose a relevant collection in the light of our historical moment? What gathered elements could constitute, for example, the identity of a people?

Using text, installation, video, photography, and social media in his art, Alexandre Baptista employs language as vehicle of identity, thematizing the self and the other, making playful use of mistakes, misspellings, wordplay and free associations.

In his ongoing project “Social words / ME” Baptista produces “inter-texts” between different languages (German/English/Portuguese), considering translation as an inner experience of the world. Placing them outside the confines of the art world, his “inter-texts” are presented on the streets and on social media, where they confront the general audience with his reshuffling of the signs of daily life. “Social words / ME” is available on Instagram: @diario_aberto.

Baptista’s installation work applies a similar associative process. Through the collection of fragments of objects and photographic images, Baptista proposes to intervene in a historical linear narrative, adding other possibilities to it’s course in which new relationships are created. By overlapping languages; creating neighborhoods sometimes by form, sometimes by content, he verifies a way of analysis of the phenomenology which leads to the search for our identity.

Part of Baptista’s project “Social words / ME” will be presented in the group exhibition Reflexive, together with Syed Shoaib Mahmood (India) at SomoS, July 2017 using mixed media, installation, photography and video.

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