Alicia Savage

American Fine Art Photographer

01.01.2020   - 31.03.2020

Alicia Savage (b. June 6, 1983) is a fine art photographer and artist originating from Boston, Massachusetts. Directed by her curiosity and imagination, she works to create an organic exploration and documentation of her past and present. Her work is a reflection of historical influences mixed with contemporary culture, presented in a poetic portrait of collective curiosity and subconscious thought.

As the artist states,

A photograph reveals the dimension between time and it’s forever changing view from the moment of its capture. My work aims to illustrate this dimension and channel consciousness, and potential collective consciousness, revealing the personal narratives that we hold.

Alicia Savage, Artist’s Statement


Citing Tommy Ingberg’s use of surrealism and minimalism to express human reflection, and Cindy Sherhman’s construction of identity and self discovery through self portraiture as inspiration; Savage presents themes of young adulthood, solitude and the subconscious in her work. Also using self-portraiture, she depicts scenes from her family history and the various places she encounters on her travels. Often embracing literal road trips that evoke a metaphorical journey, she captures symbolic objects, uncharted backroads and homesteads of ancestors, applying herself as the subject.

Savage’s photographic work displays surrealist elements, through applying her skills in post-production, she creates a sense of unfamiliarity that draws viewers in. She does not show her face, but rather only herself as the subject in a series of uncanny positions or circumstances, allowing the audience to build their own expanded narrative based on her own. With the groundwork that she creates, she wields this sense of the strange to illustrate abstract concepts and emotions with the basis of opposing forces: internal and external, past and present.

During her early 2020 participation in SomoS’ Artist-in-Residence program Savage continued an ongoing project titled, Only Child. This project explores the inner reflections of her life as an only child, through the context of the evolution of family structure. Due to social, economic, and technological changes, there is a noticeable shift in the family unit in contemporary society, an issue Savage hopes to unpack and present, through her research. In a contemporary society that celebrates the individual and promises prosperity, Only Child aims to observe the experience between the opposing tensions of individual actualization and inherited identity. Currently consisting of nine photographs taken in a one-room schoolhouse where her grandmother attended school in Nova Scotia, Canada; Savage plans to extend the project to include installation, an exhibition of photographs and multimedia artworks and potentially a performance piece.

“With family size shifting and communities changing,” Savage states, “I am interested in exploring this emerging population; revealing the internal experience, examining its collective existence and the surfacing of new family fabrics.”

Alicia Savage has exhibited extensively in the United States, as well as participating in group exhibitions in Japan, France, Columbia and Argentina. Most notably in two solo exhibitions: Destinations at Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh Scotland in 2016 and Savage Beauty, Griffin Museum at Digital Silver Imaging, Boston USA in 2013. Prominitet group shows include Festival de la Luz – Encuentros Abiertos, El Cultural San Martín, Buenos Aires Argentina, Fotografica Bogota, Colombia and Real/Ideal: Turning Utopia into Reality at Boston Center of the Arts. She has also curated two photography exhibitions and participated in a number of international art fairs. Savage attended the New England School of Photography, Boston US and Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts.