Alter Angle #3

Berlin Fashion Week Exhibition on Anthropology & Fashion

08.07.2014 7pm  - 19.07.2014

Alter Angle Exhibition Summer 2014 Edition at SomoS Art House

Opening: July 8 2014 7-10pm
Exhibition: July 9 – July 19 2014

The third edition of Alter Angle at SomoS Art House exposes the anthropology of fashion in an exhibit that brings together artworks and performances that reveal the multitude ways in which the way we dress commingles with cultural identities.

SomoS’ ongoing exhibition series “Alter Angle” is part of Berlin Fashion Week, presenting artists who draw from fashion, individuality, and the pursuit of beauty to explore an alternative angle on conscious style and explore the world of creativity behind and beyond the fabric of fashion.

Participating Artists:

Guille Chipironet
Joseph Ford
Iwajla Klinke
Daria Marchik
Âme Soeur
Joanna Szproch
Ari Versluis
Charles Wyszogrod

Simultaneous to the exhibition, noted anthropological photographer Ari Versluis will conduct an open studio photography project at Kottbusser Damm 96, opposite SomoS at ground level:


Next to Exactitudes – his collaboration with Ellie Uyttenbroek – Ari Versluis introduces a new diversified concept of Studio Photo Interventions in an everlasting search to record peoples’ attempt to define style and identity.

These encounter series are not concentrated on style as part of a group dynamic as seen in the Exactitudes series, but instead focus on self-expressing individuals as a representation of a new kind of super-diversity. In order to change perspective and widen the lens for this broader chronique, local temporary photo studios on key places will be set up. After observing and recognizing passages of style and identity, active invites for portrayals will follow.

SomoS | Kottbusser Damm 95 | 10976 Berlin

U8 Schonleinstrasse

Fashion Week
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