Alter Angle – Berlin Fashion Week Artists’ Spotlight 2014

14.01.2014   - 19.01.2014

Alter Angle Exhibition Winter 2014 Edition at SomoS Art House

January 14-19th, 2014, Art House SomoS takes a different look at fashion. This exhibition, timed to coincide with Berlin Fashion Week, presents artists who draw from fashion, individuality, and the pursuit of beauty to explore an alternative angle on conscious style and explore the world of creativity behind and beyond the fabric of fashion.

Participating Artists:

Anthony Lycett, photography
Igor Dewe, video
Margot Charbonnier, installation
Nelson Santos, illustration
Ulrich Diezmann, painting
Chaca, objects

January 14, 7 pm

January 15-19, opening hours: 2-7 pm, and by appointment


Anthony Lycett
Anthony Lycett
In his photo series “Self Styled,” Anthony Lycett creates deeply personal and provocative portraits of some of the more daring urban characters of cities like London and Paris. Each double-page spread illustrates a unique personal choice while implicitly exploring themes such as gender, color, body shape and taste. His photographs remind us of the boldly experimental aspect of fashion and the pleasure that comes from clothing.

Igor Dewe
Igor Dewe
Situated between the blooming genre of “artistic fashion film” and performance art, young Parisian designer and performance artist Igor Dewe produces very fresh, quirky and humorous performances that involve fashion, sexuality, politics, sleazy glamour and identity.

Margot Charbonnier
Multidisciplinary designer Margot Charbonnier’s highly conceptual and innovative works involve fashion, sociology and design. Each of her projects revolve around a specific process or practice for a garment, considered as a zone of social interaction.

Nelson Santos
Nelson Santos
Nelson Santos is intimate with the fashion industry and draws on these insights to develop his illustrations which point to another side of fashion and the dichotomy between the beautiful and the ugly and the aspirational desire for beauty.

Ulrich Diezmann
Ulrich Diezmann
In his series of window display paintings Ulrich Diezmann shows fashionable and erotic couture, presented on headless figures. Decapitated mannequins are supposed to present us with an idea of eroticism and fashionability. Diezmann explores this deceit with a systematic, cold elegance and critical distance.

The stark sensuous fetishistic jewelry of Chaca contrasts female elegance with samurai severity. The presented headpiece blurs the lines between design and art.

Curated by Justin Ross and SomoS.


Alter Angle flyer and logo designed by Otavio Santiago: