Amrei Andrasch

My Paper Sunglasses

07.08.2014   - 21.08.2014

Amrei Andrasch: My Paper Sunglasses 2014

Amrei Andrasch is a German designer and artist based in Berlin. As a cofounder of an interdisciplinary design studio, Studio 4⁴, she works for various film and photo projects, as a graphic designer, Stop Motion animator, installation artist & set designer.

Over time, paper has become her favourite material. Layer after layer, she creates unique paper sculptures for exhibitions and installations and brings them alive using her stop motion animation skills.

Her characters vary from simplistic eye candy imaginary friends to message-delivering mystical mask creatures exploring the charm and mystery of the human psyche. Whimsical and playful, they push against the boundaries of our reality and escape the monotony of everyday life into new imaginary worlds.