Analysis – Neo Supper


31.10.2013, from 7pm, SomoS invites to a Film Screening, Dinner, and Music night.

The theme of the evening is new ways to represent the rights of musicians. We present a private screening of the film The Last Connection by Dear-us Productions.

The Last Connection short movie depicts a future Berlin where organizations like GEMA that represent the rights of musicians are in the view of many endangering the city’s special breeding ground for music.

In the filmmaker’s words, Analysis – Neo Supper is to be an “analysis of our thoughts, reminding us to think straight.. A night among people that give us the right amount of trust and understanding of things or matter that make us understand more about matter itself. Analysis is a night in which we reflect a part of life we always understood, but was taken from us.
This understanding of creating our life in these simple facets bring us together as friends and family, and continue feeding the right amount of inspiration and energy towards our own beautiful future.. ”

This night, singer/musician Dariuz Voltra and music producer Ricardo Ferreira will be in charge of the kitchen. Instead of using the studio, they will use the SomoS Art House living room and kitchen as platform of their artistic expression. Synaesthetically applying musical ideas and themes to food, they will explore the infinite combinations that are possible; layering, editing, sampling, creating challenging, exotic harmonies from very diverse sources.