Anastasia Leonova

Curator, Kharkiv, Ukraine

03.01.2018   - 30.06.2018

Anastasia Leonova is a curator from Kharkiv, Ukraine. She is the founding director and curator of Come In Art Gallery in Kharkiv, Ukraine since its inception in 2014, where she has produced more than 34 exhibitions focusing on contemporary concerns in fine art by emerging artists across all mediums.

She graduated from V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University with a Bachelors degree in sociology before going on to further studies with a masters degree from the department of history and theory of art at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts.

Leonova is driven by a desire to explore the artistic mind in our global context. As she puts it,

The issues of artistic identity are associated not only with individuality and locality but also with the global context at large. In the era of globalization, artists respond to it not by defending the local nature of their creativity, but by creating some kind of alloy of both. ‘Local’ turned into ‘global’ which led to the aforementioned heterotopia, which Roland Robertson called ‘glocal’ — a language exported and marked by some accent of place.

Anastasia Leonova, Artist’s Statement


While staying at SomoS in Berlin as part of her curatorial residency, Leonova researched migration and dynamic interpretations of home. The results are presented between January 23 – 29th at SomoS in her curatorial project A place called ДОМ, featuring photography and video by Doro Zinn, Stephanie Steinkopf and Tatiana Hahn.