Anastasia Manole

Multi-Media Artist

21.10.2019   - 27.10.2019

Anastasia Manole is the avatar of Bucharest-based Gabriela Mateescu, a feminist artist who works with performance, video-performance, installation, and drawing. Mateescu’s works tackle issues that have to do with the sociality of art and the constant exchange of information that feeds collectives and communication networks among her fellow artists. In contrast, Anastasia Manole uses mostly stock or Google-searched images and YouTube videos, relying on basic skills of montage and editing that remain deliberately sketchy and unfinished. These works provide a subjective commentary on how art has become again a craft that imitates reality. Displaying a wide range of topics and themes rooted in self-referential exploration, Anastasia Manole shifts between spontaneous displays of feminism and remixable data.

Mateescu is the initiator of the group Nucleu 0000, and best known for her curatorial endeavors. She found herself so caught up in administrative issues that she no longer had time for art, so Anastasia Manole was created out of Mateescu’s intimate need to escape her real world problems. Specifically by tapping into her personal addiction; social media and the effects of high image consumption on the human psyche. Her works are the product of a fast paced, space aged society that demands instant satisfaction. Due to the fast paced nature of her practice, the works in themselves appear to be somewhat crude and unrefined, akin to internet memes.

Anastasia Manole approaches feminism in the digital world by revealing absurd and surreal aspects of the inherent sexism that dominates the internet. Subjects of internet porn and plastic surgery are some of the artist’s preoccupations. She also draws inspiration from pop culture’s impact through its various mediums – TV, social media, adds, influencers, apps and trends. For the last 2 years, she has been working on a project concerning the rise of video chat, and the use of online platforms by men who pay women that can be controlled and ordered to
do whatever they desire from the comfort of their own homes. People actively engage and can influence actions, appearances, way of speaking, not just online, but offline as well. And so, in an attempt to flip the power dynamic, she performs a dominatrix on various video chat websites, where she never takes off her clothes, and actually makes money. Her art transcends the boundaries of the art world: art imitates life imitates the internet.

The artist recently presented part of her work in a Nucleu 0000 marked exhibition in Timișoara’s hotspot Spațiul 2/2 alongside partner in crime Taietzel Ticalos; Before the fetish, beyond the Illusion, which explored the online world of sex workers who regain control over their bodies by emptying men’s pockets. In the piece, two videos by Anastasia Manole performing as a camgirl are projected over two quilts made out of the artist’s bills and receipts, a transmutation of the virtual onto the real, and a commentary on the struggles of making a living as an artist.

In the 2019 Un_Real Desires group show at SomoS, Manole’s Les Femmes Romantique Pt. II is presented, consisting of two videos & live online performance.

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