Amanda Parish, Joseph Campbell, Tess Motherway, Sebastian Almond, Georgie Harrison

22.06.2016   - 25.06.2016

The group exhibition AND SURRENDER walks a delicate path between perception and misunderstanding. Bringing together multi-disciplinary works from Berlin-based artists; using sound, light, video and performance, AND SURRENDER will plunge the visitor into an immersive world exploring themes of intimacy and autonomy.

AND SURRENDER taps into the viewer’s sensory palate and, through its holistic approach to space, delivers a sensual experience where each single artwork constitutes a unified whole. The exhibition space itself becomes a living, breathing entity, something (of the flesh) to be touched, tugged, tasted and smelled. The tactile delight and received enjoyment of the audience plays a vital role in completing the works. Thus the audience becomes the most essential, precious and unborn element in this environment.

The space is explored and encountered through the work of each artist conforming only to the goal of the show itself: that of sensory immersion, the establishment of a curious and uncritical view of the world, a visceral response anchored in inquisitiveness, and the use of technology to explore and challenge the fine line between comfort and distress. With the help of live performers, we work to define the limits of our desire, our perversions, and our ubiquitous and tender need for intimacy. How close is too close?

– Charlotte Colgate.

About the participating artists:

Joseph Campbell

Berlin-based artist Joseph Campbell creates video-installations and mixed-media theatre productions within the themes of gender, sexuality, shame, pop-culture, and dream.

Tess Motherway

Tess Motherway is a filmmaker, visual artist, and film curator from Dublin whose work is heavily informed by her interest in 35 mm and Polaroid photography, and responds to topics of marginalization, equality, and social commentary in an array of different film media forms including digital and Super8 film.

Georgie Harrison

Oil paint and ink are his tools – Georgie Harrison is a Berlin-based painter and tattoo artist involved in the collaborative art project AKA.

Amanda Parish

Amanda Parish is a visual artist working with video and mixed-media and reflecting on topics connected to femininity, while often blurring the boundaries of what could be considered obscene.

AND SURRENDER is curated by Charlotte Colgate, a Berlin-based artist and performer.

Opening Reception: June 22nd, 2016 6-9pm
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