Andre Wakko

SomoS artist in residence Andre Wakko was born 1984 in Belo Horizonte, is a composer, sound designer, software developer, installation artist and multimedia performer. His work is an investigation of computer music, sonic space and generative art. His explorations are rooted in academic sound research as well as in club culture. He explores identities, materials and behavior in interactive sound installations and audio-visual performances.

His performances and installations have been shown in India, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Austria, while his electronic music production released on Tonkind, Heiz, Riot Riot technique, Moleskine, Laut and Luise.

2013 Andre Wakko, Yair Elazar Glotman and Tommi Koskinen created the immersive sound installation 1000 herz at SomoS. In consisted of parabolic shapes resonating with frequencies, creating a network of sound taking over the space, conversing and building on itself using the elements sound, light and movement. Visitors were invited to move within the installation, their bodies influencing and interfering with the system’s dialog.

The artist’s 2014 solo exhibition at SomoS, NNIE (negating nothing, incorporating everything) presented a series of generative mandalas, in the artist’s words “a reply from lines of code mixing equation with intuition.” Here the artist developed his very personal interpretation of media art as “techno-shamanism.”

Andre Wakko on Vimeo