Anna Laing-Fraser

Typographist, Designer, Set Designer

22.02.2018   - 30.04.2018

Anna Laing-Fraser is a graphic designer and scenic film painter based out of Toronto, Canada as well as a graduate of the York University/ Sheridan College Program in Design. Through her digital-based studies and a career as an artist in the Canadian Film Industry, she has had the opportunity to investigate creativity through both malleable and technical means, thus believing compositions can benefit by the merging of the two components.

Anna Laing-Fraser enjoys incorporating multimedia and whimsical elements into her projects to evoke a more fluid connection with the viewer. She spends a great deal of time with typographic design and visual exploration, focusing currently on the relationship between architectural forms and typefaces. Her research in Berlin will explore this theme further, drawing on the historical architectural references of the city to develop a typographic exposition of detailed ornamental structures and architectural elements.

York University/ Sheridan College Program in Design (BDes Hons)
September 2010 – 2015
York University Abroad – Rome, Italy
May 2013 – July 2013
An intensive summer art history course which focused on Rome, it’s urban history, structure, and multi-faceted culture—through the fine arts and architecture.