Anne Frobeen

Canadian Artist & Designer

01.04.2018   - 30.06.2018

Anne Frobeen is an artist, designer, and researcher working at the intersection of behavioral research, ergonomic design, and sculpture. Throughout these three areas, Frobeen is focused on the notion of human vitality and the ways in which we chase after it. Frobeen explains:

“As an artist, designer, and researcher, the thing I most want to contribute to and talk about is the primal energy that shapes can transfer to us through certain aesthetic principles, interactions, and rituals.”

Anne Frobeen, Artist statement

The artist’s work is distinguished by the merging of her background training in architecture, product design, and behavior. Her projects, while backed by methodical research and technical knowledge, are influenced by her experiences with dance and interest in spirituality.

Frobeen received her Bachelors of Architectural Science from Ryerson University and her Master of Design at Central Saint Martins. Rest in Public Space was a research-based project that examined the role of restorative objects and spaces in public for Somerset House in London in collaboration with the Cultural Institute at King’s College. She is the senior leader for concept innovation at Samsung’s future-oriented behavioral science unit, exploring new ideas for integrating objects in our built environment. Her work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art (London), the London Design Festival, and the Nous Gallery (London) among others.