Anne Frobeen – Energetic Shapes

New SomoS resident artist

01.04.2018   - 30.06.2018

SomoS is pleased to introduce Anne Frobeen to its Artist-in-Residence program. She will join our residency program April-June 2018 in Berlin to expand on her recent work exploring sensory needs in contemporary urban life.

Anne Frobeen is an artist, designer, and researcher working at the intersection of behavioral research, ergonomic design, and sculpture. Throughout these three areas, Frobeen is focused on the notion of human vitality and the ways in which we chase after it. Her work puts a spotlight on the primal energy that shapes and forms can transfer to us through certain aesthetic principles, interactions, and rituals.

Of her Berlin project Frobeen states:

I will produce a series of drawings and objects that explore how shapes can energize the human body through physical interaction but also visually–through their scale and form.

As a reference, I’m going to be looking at three things. Traditional Spiritual Space: How volume and shape can induce a sense of awe that people find restful and physically restorative invigorating. Spiritual Furniture and Props: How people use certain furniture and props to support restful or spiritual states at home. Contemporary Exercise Culture: How exercise culture is becoming a new type of spiritual practice and how exercise facilities are borrowing from religious iconography.

Anne Frobeen, Artist’s Statement