Anne Weyler


23.10.2018   - 03.11.2018

A participant in SomoS’ current group exhibition Un_Becoming, multidisciplinary artist Anne Weyler (*1985 in Bonn) works as performer at the cross section of contemporary dance, performance, visual art and media art.

Either solitary, or in cooperation with photo artists, dancers, and sound artists, she creates images of the body which oscillate between fragmentation and consolidation.

Weyler’s work criticizes patriarchal western intellectual history, which in her view creates a human image that, marked by masculinistic rational thought structures, completely counteracts a sentient passionate body living in the here and now.

“My topic is the female body,” she states, “torn between alienation and fragmentation on one hand, and on the other hand a holistic body image that is open to self-love and self-acceptance. The tension between these poles reflects life in our neo-liberal society, in which humans find their existence disoriented and shaken up between individualization, self-realization and self-dissolution, caught in the vortex of digital overload, overstimulation and capitalistic structures.”

Weyler lives and works in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. She took part in the postgraduate program of the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne. Prior to that, she absolved studies in Painting and Installation at the Bergische Universität Wuppertal; and studied Dance at the Institut für Tanz- und Bewegungskultur (deutschen Sporthochschule Köln – DSHS).

In 2015, Weyler founded the artist group “EINkollektiv,” together with photographer Tania Reinecke. Since 2017, she cooperates with the performance duo “Sächsische Schweiz.”

Summer 2018, Weyler worked as performance artist for Marina Abramovic’s solo show THE CLEANER in der Bundeskunsthalle Bonn.

Since 2009 Weyler performed and exhibited nation wide at a broad range of venuas, including EMAF – European Media-Arts-Festival, Kunsthalle Osnabrück; KAI 10 / Arthener Foundation, Cologne; Kunsthochschule für Medien, Cologne; Burggallerie, Halle an der Saale; Kunsthalle Düsseldorf; Tanzfaktur, Cologne; PACT Zollverein, Essen; Philara – Sammlung zeitgenössischer Kunst, Düsseldorf; Çatı Çagdas Dans Sanatçıları Dernegi, Istanbul; Festival Auteurs de Troubles – International Contemporary Dance Festival, Lyon.

Weyler’s wall piece “Flottierende Körper” is presented as part of SomoS’ Un_Becoming group show, October 23 – November 3 2018.