Ari Versluis – Kreuzkölln Encounter

Temporary Street Photography Project

08.07.2014   - 13.07.2014

‘Kreuzkölln Encounter’ by Ari Versluis (Exactitudes Studio) during SomoS’ Alter Angle exhibition

Dutch photographer Ari Versluis, well known for his his ongoing Exactitudes collaboration with Ellie Uyttenbroek presents the his recent Encounter Series project during Berlin Fashion Week (July 08 – 13, 2014), in the context of SomoS’ third Alter Angle exhibition, which explores fashion and anthropology.

In the Encounter Series, Ari Versluis introduces “a new diversified concept of studio photo interventions taking place at public urban hotspots around the world, in an everlasting quest to record peoples’ attempt to define their identity through dress.”

These Encounter series are not concentrated on dress and style as part of group dynamics as portrayed in the Exactitudes series, but instead focus on self-expressing individuals as a representation of a new kind of cultural super-diversity. In order to change perspective, widening the lens for this broader chronique, local temporary photo studios on key places are set up, and temporary meeting places created. After observing and recognizing passages of style and identity, active invites for portrayals will follow.

Originating from Rotterdam, one of the most culturally diverse metropolitan areas in Europe, it soon became an integral part of the studio’s unique stylistic sensitivity, to be able to quickly and expertly identify and notice this new kind of super-variety through the signals of fashion & dress codes.

Current globalized societies are becoming more standardized in many ways, but at the same time more and more culturally pluralistic, which can still differ a lot by country or region. According to Ari Versluis, facing and interpreting such new kinds of social diversities and identity crossovers, requires stepping out of a defined concept of current fashion representations and getting involved in real life in order to meet the subject and record transitions.

In the mirror of these staged encounters, the portrayed will be experienced as a visual complex being, even when the photograph sometimes simplifies his or her presence as a fashion- or identity statement. Fashion as a language and communication-tool is seen as a layer here; a starting point to pursue a more personal narrative.

‘Kreuzkölln Encounter’ by Ari Versluis (Exactitudes) Studio was set up in the former Deutsche Bank; Kottbusser Damm 96, as part of the exhibition “Alter Angle,” (which this time focuses on anthropology and fashion) in the context of the Berlin Fashion Week program 2014 at SomoS Art Space Berlin, Kottbusser Damm 95, 1st floor, 10967 Berlin from 08 – 26 July 2014.

“Kreuzkölln Encounter” was presented as a slideshow as part of the Made in SomoS SomoS’ resident artists 2013/14 exhibition, 12.09.2014 to 30.09.2014.

Encounters Studio:
former Deutsche Bank, Kottbusser Damm 96, 10967 Berlin
July 08 – 13, 2014

Alter Angle exhibition:
SomoS Art Space, Kottbusser Damm 95, 1st floor, 10967 Berlin
July 9 – July 19 2014, 1-6 pm
Opening July 8 2014, 7pm
entry free