Art See Ocean Gallery & AIR

AIR Presentation & Performance

24.11.2019 6pm  - 9pm

Sunday, November 24th2019, 6-9pm, SomoS hosts an AIR presentation and performance, in which the founders of Swedish Art See Ocean Gallery & Artist in Residence, Stefan and Theresa Lekberg, invite artists, residencies and art lovers to a presentation of their artist residency and art projects.


Artist talk and presentation of Art See Ocean Gallery & Artist in Residence in Sweden.

Performance AKIN, a Butoh and experimental sound art installation by Theresa Lekberg (Performance art), Riako Napitupulu – Rea Lee (Butoh dance), Ariel William Orah (Ravenative), musician, with special appearance by interdisciplinary artist Samaquias Lorta on Cello.

19:30- 21:00
Networking & Food-art by Soydivision Berlin.

About Art See Ocean Gallery and Artist in Residence

Art See Ocean Gallery & Artist in Residence is situated in a beautiful nature preserve in the Swedish archipelago just 45 min outside from Stockholm. It is an experimental studio that aims to give a challenging, open-ended experience. Artist couple Stefan and Theresa Lekberg house artists from all over the world. A range of artists connected to the initiative come there to hold workshops and masterclasses in media such as photography, dance, film, visual artist & performance.

About the Performers:

Theresa Lekberg

Swedish artist Theresa Lekberg confronting the camera sternly during a performance in font of a Nordic-looking lake.
Theresa Lekberg
Co-founder of Art See Ocean Theresa Lekberg is an interdisciplinary artist who uses media such as performance, film and photography. She uses her body “to express unknown dimensions, applying symbols and ritual while crossing emotional, physical and spiritual barriers into regeneration.” Touching the borders of the subconscious, the erotic and the sacred, she aims to make the unseen visible.

Riako Napitupulu

Performance AKIN by Riako Napitupulu, photographed by Diana Juneck, pictures an Asian young woman in white dress, sitting on a wooden bench outside, bound in ropes in the flyer for Art See Ocean Gallery.
Riako Napitupulu in AKIN, photo by Diana Juneck
German-Indonesian-Japanese painter, performance artist, art therapist and social worker Riako Napitupulu grew up in Düsseldorf. In her work, she navigates different world, moving across diverse cultures and languages, Her focus is on participatory art projects in public space. Her topics include human and social issues as discrimination, intersectionality and belonging. Her movements are influenced by the creative intensity and expressive styles of Butoh and improvisation dance.

Ariel William Orah (Ravenative)

Ariel William Orah
Ariel William Orah is a Berlin-based Indonesian artist who explores themes related to identity, memory and scarcity. He is working with variety of media, ranging from audio and sound sculptures, physical and interactive installations, as well moving and still images. He co-founded an empathy driven artist collective L-KW, Bandung-based progressive rock band Vincent Vega and indonesian gastronomy initiative Soydivision. Selected works included commissioned installation for Tanz im August – Internationales Festival Berlin (2016), solo album Scarcity (2017), film-music scoring for Deeper High, Germany (2018) and ‚WIM‘ (2018) under the alias Ravenative.

Special thanks to interdisciplinary artist Samaquias Lorta for a guest performance on cello.

About Soydivision Berlin

Soydivision Berlin is an art collective formed by Berlin based Indonesians with the goal of provoking a discussion about the exploration and expression of identity through art and food. Exposure to, and interaction with different people, mediums, environments and designs, lead to artistic and culinary experimentations. Every output by the collective features a collaboration with a guest artist to reflect a process that demands symbiotic interactions, prone to unforeseen interventions.

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Photo: AKIN, courtesy Diana Juneck