Artconnect Berlin Community Clash! #5

10.10.2014 7pm  - 15.10.2014 10pm

Participating artists: Sabrina Basten and Luxus Loft (Ekaterina Mitichkina & Johannes Buss)

Community Clash! is a bimonthly group art exhibition featuring a selection of Berlin-based artists within the Artconnect Berlin network. Its aim is to create a positive local environment for creatives to meet, collaborate and innovate.

Opening: October 10, 7-10pm RSVP
Duration: October 11 – October 15, 1-6pm (closed Sunday)

About the exhibition:

The fifth edition of Community Clash! presents exciting artists, who despite having very different styles, have one thing in common: their devotion to portraiture in drawing.

We present the work of Sabrina Basten and Luxus Loft (Ekaterina Mitichkina and Johannes Buss). The three of them met while studying in Enschede in the Netherlands, and currently live and work in Berlin.

About the artists:

Sabrina Basten
Sabrina Basten ‘s work explores the underlying patterns and connections between scientific paradigms and seemingly random aspects of humanity and their relationships. Sometimes Basten ‘s work takes the form of physical investigation into materiality, at other times the results are more intellectual or philosophical. Her environments can be explored through the senses, intellect and spatial reckoning. At the Community Clash! #5 at SomoS, Sabrina will show a new series of drawings.

Ekaterina Mitichkina
Ekaterina Mitichkina (1980) was born in Minsk (Belarus) and has studied Fine Arts in Belarus and the Netherlands. She is a sculptor and creates mainly drawings and three dimensional works. Mitichkina has exhibited both in Germany and the Netherlands. Currently she is setting up an international residency program for artists in her country of birth Belarus to create a cultural dialogue between west and Eastern Europe.

 Johannes Buss
Johannes Buss was born in Metelen, a small town in North-Western Germany. He studied fine arts in Enschede in the Netherlands, where he graduated with a degree in Mixed Media in 1998. He moved to Berlin in 1999.
Buss artistic output consists of works in various media. Buss often extracts imagery, objects and texts of popular culture, politics and economics out of their original context and alters and recombines them in form of installations, objects, and portrait drawings.

Luxus Loft
Luxus Loft is a Berlin artist’s initiative encouraging the direct exchange of ideas and visions with other artists. They do this by organizing exhibitions, and producing and writing about art. As luxury is defined as something that adds to pleasure and comfort, Luxus Loft likes to think of their work in the same way.

Artconnect Berlin
Artconnect aims to facilitate handling the complexity of a professional creative career. Its online network enables artists to connect with other creatives, companies or collectives; to find and post jobs, opportunities or spaces; to select and publish events, projects or exhibitions.

Berlin Art House SomoS supports an open platform for innovative arts, exhibitions, education, music and creative cooperation by organizing cultural events and closely working with artists, organizers and curators to realize their projects. On the border of Kreuzberg and Neukölln, SomoS is equipped with a spacious gallery, ateliers, a sound studio and a cocreating space.

Artconnect Berlin Community Clash! is supported by boesner.