Artconnect Community Clash #6

Bartholot & Hara Katsiki

05.12.2014 7pm  - 10.12.2014

“Community Clash!” is a bimonthly group art exhibition organized by the Artconnect Berlin network hosted and supported by various local art spaces. The art event series presents work by a selection of Berlin-based artists, chosen from Artconnect Berlin’s member’s pool. Community Clash aims to create a positive local space for creatives to meet, collaborate and innovate.

For the Artconnect Community Clash #6, Artconnect presents work by Robert G. Bartholot and Hara Katsiki. The artist’s collaborative explorations in mixed media blur the lines between fact and fiction.

In this presentation titled “Earthlings,” Bartholot’s and Katsiki’s combined practices of photography and illustration are activated to investigate what it means to be human, or post-human.

About the artists:

Robert G. Bartholot

Robert G. Bartholot is a German Berlin based visual artist creating iconic imagery with a focus on photography at the interface between art and design. He creates fictional characters and explores textures and colors. His artistic process is playful and often improvisatory, allowing things to evolve naturally in the process.

Artconnect Profile

Hara Katsiki

Hara is a Berlin based visual artist, born in Greece. Though mainly known for illustration, she expresses her creative vision across all types of media: drawing, painting, graphic & costume design, animation and music. Her work delves into realms of the subconscious, is populated by fantastic figures and otherworldly creatures, and marked by a surreal and highly stylized aesthetic. This self taught artist creates imagery of fairytale like landscapes and odd creatures, employing a technique of chaotic ink stains, and infinite labyrinths of lines.

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About Artconnect Berlin:

Artconnect is an online and offline network which enables artists to connect with other creatives, companies or collectives, helping them to find and offer jobs, opportunities or spaces; to select and publish events, projects or exhibitions. It makes it simple for creatives to handle the complexity of a professional creative career, and aims to inspire them by collecting and categorizing things of interest to artists.

Artconnect Berlin Community Clash! is supported by boesner.

Opening: Friday December 5th at 7pm.
Exhibition Duration: December 6-10, from 2-6pm.
Address: SomoS Art House, Kottbusser Damm 95, 10967 Berlin.