Arthur Gouillart


23.10.2018   - 03.11.2018

A participant in SomoS’ current group exhibition Un_Becoming, innovation design engineer Arthur Gouillart’s work focuses on the materialization of emotions into objects, by tracing their residual presence and proposing new means for emotional projection.

This interest has led him to investigate rituals as interactions, including surviving symbols today, in order to question material culture. In this exploratory phase of his work, he uses a range of technological approaches to the body as a medium, from material research to custom-made electronics, that has culminated in an exhibition at the London Victoria & Albert Museum called Friday Late early 2018.  

Gouillart has developed a product and process called “Emotion Capture” in 2016 during his studies at the Royal College of Art, London. Its goal was to investigate our representation of love, and question the survivance of archaic, generic and normative symbols like the simplified, sylphium-inspired heart shape. The project captures intimate motions during lovers caress and embodies it in abstract sculptural artifacts, representing it beyond social norms. It celebrates love  the way it is lived, through amorous practices.

The latest incarnations of Gouillart’s project, a video/sculpture installation titled Unbodiment is presented as part of the Un_Becoming group exhibition at SomoS, October 23 – November 3, 2018.