Artist-in-Residence Meetup SomoS – GlogauAIR

Artist's Talks / Discussions

30.10.2019 1pm  - 5pm

On Wednesday October 30th, 2019 over 15 artists, from Berlin artist residency spaces GlogauAIR and SomoS, came together for the ongoing Artist-in-Residence exchange meetup.

The meeting provides a unique opportunity for resident artists from SomoS to engage with fellow creatives, curators and artists from AIR initiative GlogauAIR; located just a short walk from SomoS on the other side of the Landwehr canal that divides the Kreuzberg and Neukölln neighborhoods. Over the past three years, a friendly and supportive relationship has been forged between the two spaces, both aiming to provide residents with a dynamic environment of coexistence, where they can extend the scope of their work and become part of an international framework for innovative arts and creative cooperation.

Taking place at SomoS on Wednesday, October 30th, new arrivals from GlogauAIR’s AIR program sat down with SomoS resident artists and respective curatorial and support team members, to present an overview of their creative work and share what they hope to gain from their time in Berlin. The artists and curators from both programs represent many different nationalities and cultural backgrounds and the group dynamic with cross-disciplinary influences, both conceptual and practical are extremely beneficial for our artists; allowing them to gain insight into other artistic disciplines and approaches that may inform their own work.

Daphné Boxer, Artist Statement

SomoS’ AIR were represented by Korean artist Black Jaguar, who introduced her unique blend of feminist activism, conceptual fashion, Shamanism, drawing and video that make up her critical, political body of work, while Irish photographer Alannah Louët discussed her intriguing theme-complex exploring the relation between occultism & feminism, and Catholicism’s oppersive legacy. SomoS’ AIR presence also included Spanish multidisciplinary artist Iria do Castelo, who led us into the depths of Bataillian erotic excess, revived through her Gothic, fantasy-inspired sculpture installations, as well as Belgian visual artist Jan Verbruggen, who introduced the way his abstracted paintings and installations deal with human’s existential discontent.

From the GlogauAIR residency program, SomoS AIR’s were introduced to the works of 13 international artists. This included Spanish multidisciplinary artist Ismael Iglesias whose vivid paintings are inspired by cybernetic, multi-leveled systems, Brazilian painter Heloisa Pomfret whose works are based on the physiology of the brain and its emotional side, along with Laura Palau from Spain who works with installation and photography, aiming to question excessive credibility. Moreover, Spanish visual artist Nestor Garcia Diaz presented the way he combines social choreography with his background in visual arts, while American multidisciplinary artist Nicole Dyer showed the way her work represents the intimate and everyday moments in her life, and Dutch visual artist Daniela Schwabe presented her painting, in which she questions from a postmodernist perspective how historical events affect collective memory. The audience was also introduced to Chinese-Singaporean photographer/writer Charmaine Poh (b.1990) who focuses on issues of memory, gender, youth, and solitude in an Asian context; Chilean artist Alejandro Urrutia Lorenzini, who works with the synergies between architectural and sculptural principles and Mexican visual artist Dani Toral, who explores her memories through visual and sensory details relating to her upbringing as a white-looking, Mexican woman. Other GlogauAIR residents who presented their work included Ukrainean artist Alexandra Slava, who uses her sculptures to externalize her own private experiences and to reach the pure portrayal of our existence, Canadian visual artist Astrid Lloyd, whose installations and performances ask questions about freedom and identity, specifically related to the bodies of women, as well as American artist Kyle Giacomo, who uses natural themes and views in his paintings and photographic works in hoping that his art communicates an energy that emerges out of a fractured image saturated landscape. Last but not least, Canadian artist Ian Jehle presented how his background in mathematics influences his installations combining mathematical principles with art making.

The networking and engagement between artists at the meeting produced many spirited conversations and discussions, while the artists shared interests and objectives allow for the possibility of collaborations, advice, friendship and an extensive network to share ideas, from which creative and critical thinking can flourish. Artists from GlogauAIR were also invited to tour one of our residents; Black Jaguar’s studio, and given a personal introduction into the works in progress for her upcoming exhibition at SomoS.

Artist-in-Residence exchange meetups promote a collective experience that fosters relationships between local and international artists in Berlin. SomoS looks forward to the continued collaboration with GlogauAIR, that allows for artists from both programs to create meaningful connections, learn about each others’ professional direction and the projects that are taking place across the city.

Our thanks to all artists who participated:


Ismael Iglesias (SP) / Heloisa Pomfret (BR) / Laura Palau (ES)/
Nestor Garcia (SP) / Nicole Dryer (USA) / Daniela Schwabe (NL) / Charmaine Poh (SG) / Alejandro Urrutia (CL) / Alexandra Slava (UA) / Dani Toral (MX) / Astrid Lloyd (CA) / Ian Jehle (CA) / Kyle Giacomo (USA)


Black Jaguar / Iria do Castelo / Alannah Louët / Jan Verbruggen