Welcoming New SomoS Artist-in-Residence Kama Sokolnicka

multidisciplinary artist

01.04.2017   - 30.06.2017

SomoS is pleased to welcome conceptual artist Kama Sokolnicka (*1978 Wroclaw, Poland) for a three month Artist Residency.

After her 2016 residency at Berlin’s “Künstlerhaus Bethanien,” taking part in an exhibition at its KB gallery with her presentation Tinnitus, Sokolnicka felt, as many artists tend to do, the need extend her time in Berlin, “the international, open-minded island in the center of simmering Europe,” as she eloquently puts it.

At SomoS, Sokolnicka is currently working on a book project summarizing the recent period of her work. She will also pursue a new work group named “The Glare.” Always having been fascinated by the use of voice-over in cinema, “The Glare” constitutes for Kama the opportunity to construct such a floating, disembodied and associative “voice-over track” to her oeuvre in the form of a book and sound recording.

Metaphysical, sober and poetic in nature, Sokolnicka’s installations, drawings, collages and paintings are developed within an associative conceptual mental framework which applies the principles of montage. Grounded in themes ranging from philosophy to cosmology and sociology, “The Glare” conceptually bridges research, inspiration, commentary and production. It includes, as she puts it, “the freedom of making digressions, mistakes, of using misunderstanding as a possible way of knowledge, or a tool towards it.” Sokolnicka assumes that the outcome of her work will be “to (re)discover the incredible force and necessity of poetry.”

A special Summer solstice work-in-progress presentation, The Glare, with book launch and artist talk will take place near the conclusion of Kama Sokolnicka’s sojourn at SomoS.

My recent work is generally focused on thoughts movement, essential in the process of montage. I sketch the mind-maps to catch how the ideas and material – which can be metal, wood, paper, textile but also word, language and thought – become one; assume a new quality, begin to belong together in one piece.

Kama Sokolnicka, Artist’s Statement

Kama Sokolnicka homepage

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