Lecture and Live Demonstration

18.03.2015 7pm

Participant in the “Future, Now.” exhibition, Ka Fai Choy aims to understand the human body: at the core of his artistic research there is the desire to explore the physical and the invisible powers that rule our expressions and interactions. Working across performances and technological devices, Choy positions himself at the intersection between art, speculative design and technology to look at the uncertainties of the future.

While exploring the body, its memories and its conditioning, Choy naturally combines his interest in dance with cultural processes and technology. “Prospectus For a Future Body” (2010-2012) proposes new perspectives on how the body remembers and creates new narratives through dance. When dancing, the performer is repeating and interpreting a choreography, which is a sequence of movements aiming to tell a story, to represent a feeling or a situation. Each movement is related to the cultural meaning of the dance that is performed; each torsion and every jump are connected to a theoretical system and can be adapted and re-invented. In learning a choreography, the dancer absorbs the gestures: the movement’s memory and history become the dancer’s. In this sense, the body itself becomes the apparatus for remembering and expressing cultural processes. If the body is an archive of movements, can we use technology to design future memories for the body? Is the machine able to develop a new choreography or to re-condition the dancer?

“Prospectus For a Future Body” shows four experiments on the process of designing digital memories for the body’s muscles. Choy brings together electrical nerve stimulation and the study of body’s movement in dance: he takes his inspiration from Luigi Galvani (1737-1798), an Italian physician, physicist and philosopher who discovered bioelectromagnetism in 1780, noticing that dead frogs muscles moved when stimulated by electrical sparks. In Choy’s work, Galvani’s technique of artificial muscle contraction is combined with bodily movements through choreography.

The use of technologies to code, archive and transmit knowledge is not something unusual these days: what is new in Ka Fai Choy’s approach is the ability to connect the human body with them. Furthermore, the artist’s desire is to fuse together the human ability to learn and to express with the mechanical precision to stock and reproduce. Is that the dawn of the cyborg? Join us for a fascinating trip into Choy’s universe!

18th of March, 7pm, SomoS
Language: English

Ka Fai Choy (1979, SIN) is an artist, performance maker and speculative designer from Singapore now based in Berlin. Choy graduated in Design Interaction from the Royal College Of Art London, with the Singapore National Arts Council Overseas Scholarship, and was conferred the Singapore Young Artist Award in 2010. His works have been presented in festival, such as the 25th Tanz Im August (2013), Singapore Arts Festival (2012), Festival Tokyo (2011), 2nd Asian Art Biennale (2009), 3rd Fukuoka Asia Art Triennale (2005). He also exhibited at institutions, including the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2012), White Chapel Gallery, London (2010), Singapore Art Museum (2009) and Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (2005).