An overview of the work and themes of the international artists who participated in SomoS’ curated exhibitions since 2012.

Carlos Herraiz

Freestyle abstract painting with green. pink and yellow background, a white cloud-like shape flowing across the rectangular frame.

Paula Valenzuela

Gallery view announcing the Digitalis exhibition.

Noor Bhangu

Photography by visual artist Alicia Savage depicts a woman wearing a classic deep red dress; her head in a cloud while standing in a rural landscape holding a suitcase.

Alicia Savage

Ukrainian playground featuring nationalistic color scheme photographed by Daniil Galkin.

Daniil Galkin

Jiyeon Kim's collage like painting featuring ladder and young man.

Jiyeon Kim

Bodily painting incorporating embroidery.

Emi Brener

Magenta Baribeau

A yellow folded piece of written paper placed on a blue-colored flag.

Manami Uetake

A former car repair shop now gallery seen in areal view, surrounded by small houses and green.

Daphné Boxer

An abstracted painting depicting a figure and 50s style red rocket, by Jan Verbruggen on a baroque wallpaper, its earthy tones very similar

Jan Verbruggen

Female sea monsters in a large mixed media work on paper by Korean feminist artist Black Jaguar.

Black Jaguar

Ramses Salas & Iria do Castelo : Juliet, 2019, interactive installation

Ramses Salas

Iria do Castelo

Still from artist duo Rocha & Polse's video Hábito, superimposing a moving headshot of two slowly gesturing female figures.

Rocha & Polse

Taiwanese artist Pei-Chi Wu dressed in long white coat, viewed from the back, in front of white erased mural.

Pei-Chi Wu

Art work by Paul Piccione consists of a makeshift wooden cubicle door with vacant sign.

Paul Piccione

Lenticular prints by Mu Zhang using historic Chinese Spring Palace imagery of a group of persons having sex to discuss online censorship.

Mu Zhang

A close up of sweaty soft skin in an art work by Miriam Poletti.

Miriam Poletti

The sculpture Feeling Data by Marcel Schwittlick consists of a tower of discarded laptops crowned by whips made from ethernet cable.

Marcel Schwittlick

View into the Un_Real Desires exhibition SomoS, October 2019. Photo courtesy Kimiya Nik.

Janka Smetanina

Cam performance art by feminist artist Anastasia Manole.

Anastasia Manole

Visitors watching multimedia art works, among them pieces by Ana Brumat and Amir Chasson.

Ana Brumat

Touch-inviting smooth wooden sculpture by Amir Chasson presented on working table.

Amir Chasson

Eroticized feminist performance by the Vaginal Arts Ensemble.

Vaginal Arts Ensemble

B&W photograph by Alannah Louët, picturing superimposed shots of a nude young woman, referencing the historic occult photography genre, as she poses with long pieces of cloth "emanating" from her mouth.

Alannah Louët

Museum engagement professional Ina Pruegel in a classical museum exhibition hall.

Ina Prügel

Collage-like painted depiction of human relations by Taiwanese painter Rexy Tseng.

Rexy Tseng

A table full of prisms and other shiny things.

Shraddha Borawake

Young woman on her knees, holding a bottle.

Laura Pedizzi

Areal painting of San Leandro Airportscape.

Mikhail Haramati

View into artist's zine by Teiko Ang Zheng, folder upen, showing an imagge of a young man ina bath tub blowing a cloud of smoke that hides his face.

Teiko Ang Zheng

Jillian Lauren Goodwin

3D-rendered image of a flower.

Corinna Berndt

Casey Tang

SomoS June 2019 Artist-in-Residence, poet, writer and educator Cynthia Arrieu-King, Ph.D. reading from her work at SomoS.

Cynthia Arrieu-King, Ph.D.

Painting by Jameson Grant, an abstraction of Berlin cobblestones in yellow and orange.

Jameson Grant

Empty white room with speakers.

Sophie Morrow

Elena Amabili

Ivetta Sunyoung Kang

A board game by artist Marcia Vaitsman.

Marcia Vaitsman

Dongyan Chen

Performance artist Alison Matthews in a classical Greek dress in front of two audience members.

Alison Matthews

Berry Kim sporting a fabric print dress with her art in front of a group of fabric banners, almost disapearing on the patterns.

Berry Kim

Hanae Moreno

Two androgynous beings hovering over a person hidden under a rainbow-colored banner.

Jacob Antony

Bright semi-abstract painting by Christie MacDonald showing influences of Matisse and Digitalism.

Christie MacDonald

Film still from Angus McCullough's video art work "See Through #2" pictures a young man walking into a field, his body disappearing, with only the face still partially visible.

Angus McCullough

Fantastical being covered with discarded materials.

Moran Sanderovich

Becky O’Brien

Anne Weyler

Simon Menner

Michael Sven Meier

Arthur Gouillart

Lenardo da Vinci's painting Lady with Ermine is one of the paintings deconstructed by media artist Francesca Fini in her video Skinned.

Francesca Fini

Robert Ladislas Derr

Kate Chen

Pedro Moreira

Zara Alexandrova

Bjørn Erik Haugen

Allesandré Petzer's Black & White photo made in Berlin Charlottenburg presents a grainy architectural detail.

Alessandré Petzer

Leora Fridman reading from her latest book "My Faullt" to a group of attentive young adults in a college setting.

Leora Fridman

Installation by Ming Lu, plastic breasts, lit from inside, poetically hanging in a winter tree.

Ming Lu

Looking over Sophia Zarders' shoulders, painting a lager than life watercolor of a white woman in bathing suit sipping a cocktail, Berlin Fall 2018

Sophia Zarders

View of new media artist Pascal Glissmann's "electronic-life-forms" hidden in nature.s

Pascal Glissmann

Linda Post

Lara Salmon performing in a pink colored space.

Lara Salmon

Bianca Tainsh: The Better Self 2012 Installation of digital print on commercial banner, sculptural work, floating walls, found objects and looped video on flatscreen. Dimensions variable.

Bianca Tainsh

Art work by Edurne Herrán from her Futuro Perfecto photo series.

Edurne Herrán

Lyndal Walker - Remake Remodel

Lyndal Walker

Zander Porter - alias-personae-Live1, vide/performance

Zander Porter

Digital painting by Stacie Ant, of a young woman in a track suit, the skin looking very shiny and plastic-like.

Stacie Ant

Photo of an installation by Boris Alexander Knop in a rural setting.

Boris Alexander Knop

A reflected, symmetrically distorted image mage of media-artist Jonas Blume, gazing dryly into the camera.

Jonas Blume

Anahita Norouzi

Ergonomic chairs designed by Anne Frobeen, based on single lines that represent different posture other than sitting that the body is able to create

Anne Frobeen

Sergey Melnitchenko - Loneliness Online

Sergey Melnitchenko

Joaquin Margulis Luchsinger

Anna Laing-Fraser

Mari Nagem

Seung-Joon Choi

A row of people in an art gallery watching a set of photographs.

Anastasia Leonova

Kang Dasom

bamboo painting

Cho Hyun Soo

Kang Jungsuck

Alexei Gordin

Casey Jenkins - Waste Not, performance, SomoS 2017 (Photo: Stef

Casey Jenkins

Ainsley E. Tharp

Agnes Tam

Michiyasu Furutani

Elena Tejada-Herrera


Stephanie Hanna

Stephanie Ballantine

Lena Chen

Elly Clarke

Esben Holk

Gaby Bila-Günther aka Lady Gaby

Pedro Ferreira

Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell

Simone Orgel

Yao Cong

Jazmine Yerbury

Chueh Chiao Han

Stefanie Wolff

Wonju Kim

Wonju Kim

Ksenia Yurkova

Aske A. Hvidtfeldt

Aske A. Hvidtfeldt

Erin Mitchell

Adam Cohn

Hagoromo Okamoto

Hagoromo Okamoto

Alexandre Baptista - Social Words / ME, view of language work by the artist temporarily placed on an outside door

Alexandre Baptista

Todd Reece Johnson

Indian young man's face in silhouette.

Syed Shoaib Mahmood

Pedro Lopes

Pedro Lopes

Kama Sokolnicka

Kama Sokolnicka

Anais Hazo

Anaïs Hazo

Isabel Ramos

Isabel Ramos

Iman Person

Nina Hong

Nina Hong

Natusha Croes

Natusha Croes

Angela Flury

Christopher Sperandio at SomoS -Zack X Soltes

Christopher Sperandio

Agnieszka Rowińska AIR

Agnieszka Rowińska

Ann Oren

Ann Oren

Jezella Pigott

Jezella Pigott

Murray Gaylard

Murray Gaylard

Michel Reilhac - "Viens!" SomoS 2016

Michel Reilhac

Sadie Weis

Graham Guy-Robinson

Diego Miguel - Misdirection 4

Diego Miguel

Maria Guta

Stéphane Morey

Maria Guta

Maria Guta

Sarah Lüdemann & Adrian Brun

Goldankauf – Das Kollektiv – A. Baltazares & H. Hernández

Artist Marguerite Harris in front of her projected work.

Marguerite Harris

Jen Liu: The Pink Detachment (HD VIdeo, 2015) film still

Jen Liu

Rah Eleh Dear Sister

Rah Eleh

Pedro Zaz

Pedro Zaz

Guillaume Kashima

Guillaume Kashima

SomoS: Merijn Hos & Guillaume Kashima

Merijn Hos

Green-colored, glittering reflecting collage on Alu-Dibond by Goran Tomcic.

Goran Tomcic

Detail view Nándor Angstenberger's Infinitus wall sculpture, showing a miniature world inside a block of styropor.

Nándor Angstenberger

There and Here - Ink Agop

Ink Agop

Cheryl Dunye

Sima Zureikat

Double Image, Test Shots (Bobby Kendall) Presented in the Fixation exhibition at SomoS feat. James Bidgood, Shu Lea Cheang, Bruce LaBruce, Jack Mitchell, Krefer, MuD, a.o.

James Bidgood

Bruce La Bruce - Slide 039

Bruce La Bruce

U.K.I. Performance 4some

Shu Lea Cheang

Jack Mitchell: Joe Dallesandro, Photograph, Trash Publicity Shot 1970

Jack Mitchell

MuD: Psalm 573 - Lenni u. Luki


Krefer & Turca

Ingrid Bittar: About Boys, collage, 36x42cm, 2015

Ingrid Bittar

Pauline Alioua


Patrick Palucki

Louie Otesanek

Klaus Hu

Pedro Bustamante

Lan Hungh

Synchrodogs: Misha Koptev Portfolio


Faceless head, with only sunglasses and hat visible in an art work by Bernard Föll.

Bernard Föll


Made in SomoS: Ari Versluis/Exactitudes

Ari Versluis

Nick Dewar

J.Jackie Baier - Sophya

J.Jackie Baier


Hojun Song

Li Hui

Yulia Kazakova

Ka Fai Choy: Notion Dance-Fiction, performance Tokyo

Ka Fai Choy

Larissa Fassler

Lynn Book

Madeline Stillwell

Thiago Dezan

Joep van Lieshout

Nika Fontaine

Fabian Schröder

Owen McCann

Phntm Beach


Betty Böhm

Iwajla Klinke

Willi Tomes

Urban shop spaces in Sandra Buhler's Demolition Blues.

Sandra Bühler

Donato Del Giudice

Pierce Warnecke

Elisa Storelli

Johanna Schweizer

Mischa Badasyan

Stefano Castronovo

Raimundas Malašauskas

Made in SomoS: Andre Wakko

Andre Wakko

Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo

Voin de Voin

Django Knoth's Flying Portrait Machine

Django Knoth

Ari Versluis – Kreuzkölln Encounter, 2014

Tata Christiane


Astrid Kuever

Veronica Slater

Ricardo Ferreira

Sva Li Levy

Joseph Ford

Jelena Martinovic

Marcelina Wellmer

Winston Chmielinski

Josip Horvat

Cecile Coiffard

Luiza Schiavo

Lisa Stertz

Jonny Star

Boubish / Ivana Rubelj

Joanna Szproch

Guille Chipironet

MIscha Tangian

Mischa Tangian

Magda Kaufmann (mehrmagda)


Tulip Enterprises

Ryo Kato

Thiago Caixeta

Justin Ross

Márcia Renó

Rafael Perpétuo

Rafaela Ianni

Rafel Maia

Selma Andrade

Flora Assunção

Clara Valente

Otávio Santiago

Andy Gunnarson

Lina Saleem

Søren Drastrup

Gunnar Neumann

Schatzi & The Monster


Alberto Shock

Tartaruga Feliz

Paula Trimbur

Connie Fu

Amrei Andrasch

Âme Sœur

Charles Wyszogrod

Daria Marchik

Mikka Gro

Bruno Camelo

Angelina Camelo

Lotta D Heureuse