Aske A. Hvidtfeldt

Visual artist, Denmark

01.07.2017   - 30.09.2017

Danish visual artist Aske A. Hvidtfeldt works in painting and drawing, but also creates costumes, film, sculpture and music. A high level of meticulous craftsmanship is characteristic of his work.

Teeming with tiny figures, stroboscopic geometries and visionary universes, Hvidtfeldt’s work is a ground where the artist is a whimsical demiurge of new worlds arising from the unconscious; nevertheless, his imaginary cosmos doesn’t lack of well-read quotes, references to historical art movements, symbols, graphic, literature, films and music.

Hvditfeldt graduated at Jutland Academy in 2014, after getting a diploma from Byhøjskolen Værkstedsskolen in 2009. He has curated his own exhibitions, “4# Exhibitions” at Mayhem, Bolsjefabrikken, and also “The Artists Easter Exhibition,” KE16 (2016).

2014-16 Hvildtfeldt developed the graphic novel “I Am Ash.” Following the tradition of Jean Giro, it portrays the artist as a character experiencing the world through alternative realities that have an impact on everyday life.

His latest work group, developed at SomoS, is named “Songs from Misanthropolis.” Consisting of detailed large scale drawings and spray paintings on paper, it explores today’s social and political topics applying Hvildtfeldt’s unique blend of optimism, wit, and satire. It will be exhibited at SomoS Art House, October 6-14 2017.

I am inspired by artists who are able to to create whole universes one can emerge one self in. Preferably with the artist as the center of the universe and with a chameleon’s ability to shift shapes.

My work refers to current discussions on humanity and technology, freedom and democracy, the self and community. How do we as humans adjust to modern society, new technologies and ways of living with our ape brains? -The future may seem bleak, but using some irony might brighten our prospects and outlook.

Aske A. Hvidtfeldt , Artist’s Statement

Photos: Zack Soltes