Exhibition Kang Dasom & Cho Hyun Soo (Korea)

Korean Residency Program

25.01.2018 18 Uhr  - 21 Uhr

Press Release: Painting, Sculpture


WHAT: Exhibition of works in progress by Kang Dasom & Cho Hyun Soo

WHEN: Thursday, January 25, 6-9pm

WHERE: SomoS Art House – Kottbusser Damm 95, 1.0G, 10967, Berlin, U8 – Schönleinstraße

BERLIN—13/1/18 – SomoS Art House Berlin is proud to present a special presentation of the work of two young South Korean artists, Kang Dasom (sculpture and painting) and Cho Hyun Soo (painting), as part of a new Korean residency cooperation between Keum Art Projects (Berlin), SomoS, and Korean Universities, in this case the Changwon National University Changwon, in South Korea.
The 1-day presentation gives an overview of the work the two artists have produced during their stay at SomoS.

About Kang Dasom & Cho Hyun Soo

Kang Dasom

Kang Dasom, born 1994 works in painting and sculpture. The fundamental motto of her work is the desire for the dignity of life. In her view, technocratic modern life, which places capital in the center of all values, has become universal and has resulted in the loss of humanity, and a trend that ignores and neglects the value of life.

Kang Dasom has stated that, among such frequent negative phenomena, animal abuse is a major theme for her work: “While studying and scraping articles about animal abuse, I have come across an article on the depression of companion animals. The trend of an increasing number of people with companion animals is a phenomenon due to the change of family systems to single-family. Since I have a companion animal and I realized the big meaning of a small life, also experienced producing and selling accessories for companion animals, the article caught my attention. Before I think about the dignity of life for animals in the world, I thought that I should know how to respect the life at my side, so I started working on the theme of ‘depression of companion animals.’”

Cho Hyun Soo

Cho Hyun Soo, was born Korea 1994; uses themes from the rich Korean painting tradition, combined with contemporary elements, such as collage.

Thematically, the traditional Asian motif of the “Four Gracious Plants” is the starting point of her work. In this highly coded Confucian genre, bamboo is usually presented as symbolizing the dignity of a virtuous person. As Cho Hyun Soo puts it, “Bamboo’s green color represents the fresh spirit, straight shape shows the iron-willed, upright attitude, hollow stem shows a greedless, unworldly mind, and bendable-but-not-breakable straightness shows strong fidelity and tenacious will.”

Cho Hyun Soo combines these classic painting concepts with a widening of the painting techniques, and a more contemporary sensitivity, collaging in unusual materials.

About Changwon National University:

Changwon National University is located in the industrial city Changwon, in the southeast of South Korea. The university’s graduate schools are divided into schools of education, administration, management, business and information, and labor. Undergraduate offerings are divided between colleges of humanities, social science, natural science, engineering, and art.

About Keum Art Projects

Keum Art Projects is platform for innovative curatorial contemporary design- and art projects from Korea and Germany. The focus lies on intercultural dialog between both countries, which is furthered through exhibitions and publications.
Keum Art Projects supports sustained cultural exchange by organizing collaborations between artists, museums, galleries and enterprises.

About SomoS

Selected by Artslant Magazine as one of Berlin’s most interesting art project organizations, SomoS Art House provides space and resources for the production, presentation, reflection, of the arts. SomoS’ ever-expanding Artist-in-Residency program and ambitious exhibitions and event schedule allows for unique opportunities with artists, organisers, and curators to realize an array of artistic endeavors.

SomoS’ mission is to create an international open framework for innovative arts, exhibitions, education and creative cooperation.

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