Deadline March 15, 2015

from: 26.06.2015   to: 28.06.2015

The B_Tour Festival in Berlin and Leipzig curates, commissions and develops artistic guided tours in urban environments. The tours are conceived and run by artists, and aim to provide locals with a new perspective of their city and inspire community life and civil participation.

Before and during the event, artists participating in the Berlin B_Tours have the option to make SomoS their home base in a special artist in residency B_Tours/SomoS cooperation. (See Berlin application form.)

B_Tours Berlin 26-28 June 2015
B_Tours Leipzig 2-12 July 2015

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B_Tour Festival call for participation deadline is March 15, 2015.

More Info:
The diverse, international and mobile societies in contemporary metropolitan environments call for new approaches to the formation of local, creative, democratic and active communities.

Confronted with this situation B_Tours was created: a platform to examine current needs of urban life and to explore how art can be used as a tool to find possible answers to these needs. B_Tours aims to trigger audiences’ imagination in order to generate the cities we would like to live in and the societies we would like to be part of. B_Tours provide an intimate setting for an exchange with a group of strangers based on a common shared interest in one’s city. Participants develop a better understanding and empathy to their city in general and their neighborhood in particular as well as the people who inhabit it.

B_Tours works with artists who create tours that rethink narratives and suggest innovative, experimental approaches to the conventional format of a guided tour. B_Tours refers aesthetically and in their use of media and new communication technologies (text messages, Apps, GPRS, geocaching etc.) to our urban habits and lifestyles. The tours are lead either by the artists in person or the artists’ narrations in the form of audio tours, instruction guides/texts or maps through different neighborhoods.

B_Tour’s activities include:
– a regular program of B_Tours through different neighborhoods in Berlin.
– specially tailored programs of B_Tours for academic institutions, private companies, art and theatre institutions and conferences.
– a yearly showcase of B_Tours, presented over the duration of appr. 10 days each summer.
– a series of public panels called B_Talks in which we invite our audience to engage in a discussion about urban issues with experts who share their knowledge in the field.
– collaborations with a growing network of local institutions in other European cities where we present B_Tours by local and international artists.

Over the past two years B_Tours presented two festivals in Berlin and one in Belgrade (Serbia). Artists from 19 countries showed over 40 B_Tours to more than 1200 festival visitors. Among the works B_Tours showcased were B_Tours by renowned artists such as: LIGNA – the innovative and experimental German collective that has been showing work internationally since 1997; Rimini Protokoll – one of the most influential independent performance groups in worldwide, working together since 2000 awarded numerous prizes for their innovative theater productions; and Miloš Tomić, the Serbian artist, representing Serbia in the 55th Venice Biennale.