04.06.2015 6.30 pm  - 21.06.2015

June 5 -21 2015, SomoS presents “Beat Park,” a photography exhibition by Berlin-based visual artist Patrick Palucki. The detailed, large-scale panoramas are a selection from the larger series, also called Beat Park, which documents how Berlin and East-Germany’s post-wall music and art scenes have made innovative use of dysfunctional and historic authoritarian structures and buildings, and re-imagined them as temporary enclaves of experimentation, freedom and anarchy.

In the artist own words, Beat Park is “an effort of shooting, selecting and building a series of high-res images (up to 700 million pixels) to capture a Psycho-Geography of the Zero-Years in Berlin/East-Germany and to focus in on the transformation of German identity.”

Way beyond a mere documentation of “Spasskultur” (fun culture), the works of Beat Park reference political themes like autarky, city development, the value of direct experience, cultural urban ownership, and concepts like “altered use” (Détournement), central to the philosophy of Situationism, which famously looked for “The Beach Beneath the Street.”

Duration: June 5 -21 2015, Wednesday – Saturday, 2 – 7 pm
Closing weekend open Sa & Sun from 1-5 pm
Opening Reception: June 4 2015 , 6.30 pm, entry free
RSVP: Facebook

Kindly supported by the Kulturförderung Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.