Berry Kim – B E R R Y L I N

Solo Exhibition

20.03.2019   - 27.03.2019

SomoS is delighted to present “B E R R Y L I N,” the solo exhibition by Artist-in-Residence Berry Kim (South Korea), in which she reinterprets the visual and textual language of Berlin using a fresh gaze and lots of humor.

Young Korean artist Berrry Kim posing in her painted environment.

Berry Kim’s B E R R Y L I N is a liberated realm freed from the pressures and expectations of South Korean society, yet, like Berry’s earlier work, still heavily based on the reinterpretation of urban life and consumer culture. A bright pop-culture world that playfully but not uncritically re-imagines the commercial and materialistic everyday goings-on of fashion, beauty, street life, art, and nightlife, B E R R Y L I N is a one-of-a-kind romp through a fantastical world, inspired by her time living in Berlin. Characters, landmarks, city streets, labels, brands and signs are animated and take on new meanings, and influences as extensive as 19th Century German iconography and art history, the Weimar Republic, to modern day club culture and computer games are channeled into witty, absurdist and irreverent artworks.

Berry’s immersive installation consists of mixed-media works, painting, drawings, large scale fabric prints, objects, and wearable art – in between subversive department store, delirious apartment, and Wunderkammer, it parodies our hyper image/status-focused society.

About Berry Kim

Young Korean artist Berry Kim surrounded by her drawings in her SomoS Berlin atelier.
Berry Kim in her SomoS atelier, Berlin, March 2019.
Berry Kim received a Bachelor degree in Communication Design at SADI Korea, and a Masters in Illustration at London’s Kingston University in 2016. She received the Art 369 Award (Bronze) in 2016, was the Asyaff 2017 and 2018 artist, and was nominated by Rapp auction in 2018. Berry’s works have been displayed at the Tokyo Design Festa 2017, Seoul Design Festival 2017, Pink Art Fair 2018, and Seoul Illustration Fair 2018. She had a solo exhibition at the Gallery ILHO in 2018, and has participated in a number of group exhibitions, such as Different Gallery in London (Kingston MA Illustration) in 2015, USOME Exhibition in 2016, CHIKA CHIKA ‘RED VACATION’ in 2016, Art Marker ‘KIDULT LAND’ 국립현대미술관 전시 in 2016, Gallery Point ‘CHIKA CHIKA’ in 2016, Red vacation exhibition in 유로아트 센터 in 2016, ‘CHIKA CHIKA’ in Namsan Animation Center in 2017, Spantastic Place exhibition in warm kitchen in 2017, Gallery COSO illustration exhibition in 2018, and Spantastic World in Baram coffee in 2018.

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Opening Reception: March 19, 2019, 6-9pm
Open March 20 – 27, Tue-Sa, 2-7pm
Entry free
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