Bianca Tainsh

Multi-disciplinary Australian Visual Artist

01.07.2018   - 30.09.2018

Bianca Tainsh is a multi-disciplinary visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She is known for her meticulously conceptualized and executed multi-media installations that traverse mediums such as digital prints, video, sculpture, commercial fabrication and artist books.

Her creative process begins with both theoretical and aesthetic research around a certain topic, which is then channeled into new modes of production, unique to each project. Her work positions itself within contemporary paradigms such as culture, science, consumerism, politics, history, the Internet and the links between them, encouraging the viewer to reflect on current societal dilemmas.

Tainsh obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors 1st Class) from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. She has also completed a Graduate Certificate in Arts & Community Practice, as well as Arts & Community Engagement from the Victoria College of the Arts, Melbourne Australia.

She has exhibited her work at group shows such as The Sweet Life at Blindside Gallery, Melbourne and during solo presentations, including her 5 Dollar Identity at the Australian Center for Contemporary Art (ACCA) in Melbourne.

In 2016, Bianca Tainsh was granted a funded position by the Victorian College of the Arts in the Open Engagement Conference for Socially-Engaged Art in Oakland, California. She has also been a resident artist in the Leipzig International Artist’s Residency in 2013, wherein she presented her solo show Lessons in Value at the Spinnerei Rundgang, Leipzig.

Of her work, Bianca Tainsh states:

My practice consists of social investigations informed by vigorous research. An analytical approach to process results in works that are highly considered and enriched by imagery and concepts from a diversity of sources.
I examine commodification, technology and the environment, whilst balancing these investigations with the consideration of the human need for spirituality, inclusion, and the quest for self. Many of my projects discount conventional expectations of artistic practice in their function, and often in their intent, to elicit public action and involvement.

Bianca Tainsh, Artist’s Statement


Tainsh’ practice includes participatory art projects that invite acts of creative expression from the public, and combine curatorial, artistic, social and activist elements. With The Weyba Project Tainsh spent 2 years working with an activist group to save a unique landscape from massive urban development. Her 2011 project The Image Library made clear some of the psychological and philosophical dimensions of the use of images, both virtual and physical. Involving the artistic interventions of team of participants, artists and non-artists alike, her 2012 art project Interventions – Rejecting the Spectrum joined and exchanged the spheres of the gallery and the streets.

During her residency at SomoS Art House, July-September 2018, Tainsh will connect with Berliners in a similar activist way, through a project that aims to “reverse the tide on mass consumerism” by engineering a “Memetic Virus” – a concept that jumps from mind to mind. The result will be a series of ritualistic ceremonies that are specifically developed to propagate an anti-consumerist mentality, while adopting a blend of many different gnostic associations.