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  • 1Scope Sessions #87 – David Leroy & Kat Austen
    Artist Talks & Media Salon
    6:30pm - 9pm

    Event Details

    Friday November 1st, 2019, 7pm, SomoS hosts Scope Sessions – artist talks & media salon edition #87. The two artist speakers for this session will be David Leroy and Kat Austen.

    David Leroy

    David Leroy is a French/German Media and Light artist. He specialized in realtime based applications using the Canadian software TouchDesigner. After studying and living in Weimar, he recently moved to Berlin where he based his studio at the Node Institute in Neukölln.

    Leroy will present a theoretical & historical introduction into Ken Perlin and his Noise that shows its huge influence on the computer graphics history. In the second half, he presents visual results of his recent exploration into Noise; a series of five prints 100×140 cm mounted on Alu-Dibond, on view during the Scope Sessions evening.

    More Information: https://www.instagram.com/leroylights/

    Kat Austen

    In her art, Kat Austen focuses on environmental issues. She melds disciplines and media, creating sculptural and new media installations, performances and participatory work. Austen’s practice is underpinned by extensive research and theory, and driven by a motivation to explore how to move towards a more socially and environmentally just future. Working from her studio in Berlin, Austen is Artist-in-Residence at the Faculty of Maths and Physical Sciences, University College London and Teaching Fellow at UCL Arts and Sciences. She was an inaugural member of the London Creative Network and is co-founder of the DIY Hack the Panke collective in Berlin.

    Her talk will cover topics ranging from sound art, climate crisis, working with voices, identity, boundaries, transformation, experimental sound, performance, chemistry and water in an interdisciplinary way.

    More Information: https://katausten.com

    About Scope

    Scope is a meeting point for the creative and the curious, a platform for sharing and learning in an informal setting. Guest artists are invited to present a project, a concept, a process or an experience. The presentations are short, around 30 minutes and unrestricted in form. Each session offers a variety of topics and approaches; Scope is about exposure, not for the artist, but for the audience.

    More Information: http://scopesessions.org/

    Scope Sessions #87 – Artist Talks & Media Salon
    Friday November 1st, 2019
    Doors open at 18:30
    Talks start at 19:00 sharp
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    1 (Friday) 6:30pm - 9pm


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE

  • 6 - 16Empathische Tribunale
    Exhibition by Berlin Artist Group "Die Kette"
    2pm - 7pm

    Event Details

    In the Empathische Tribunale (“Empathetic Tribunal“) members of the Berlin artist group „Die Kette“ (“the chain”) may interchangeably act as judge, jury or defendants.

    Not ones to apply any kind of victor’s judgement or dire Stalinist reckoning however, the group casts a gentle but not uncritical gaze on today’s society and its inhabitants, as they weigh and consider their themes, looking at them from unexpected angles and allowing varying narratives.

    Inspired by Berlin’s long history of artist collectives, salons and clubs, “die Kette” rejuvenates such traditions, creating a nourishing and supportive multi-generational network in which the various disciplines influence each other. Using a wealth of creative ingenuity and energy, absurdist exaltation, poetics and perceptiveness, the group draws on the traditions of painting, drawing, photography, comics, sculpture, installation, and performance, united by an interest in sub-, club-, and pop culture.

    In the exhibition, empathy converges with personal and aesthetic impulses, the artistic results are chained together in a fragmented but wholly contemporary narrative of urban life.

    Ultimate judgement is suspended in this empathic tribunal however, with the proof consisting of many varying points that all articulate their own truth convincingly, we may all get away with probation.

    Participating Artists:

    Tata Christiane, J.Jackie Baier, Reinhard Kleist, Miriam Glinka, Thomas Korn, Florian Trümbach featuring Ben Bela Hautmann & Marianne Enzensberger, Gabriele Gysi, Thomas Götz von Aust, Emmanuelle Hubaut, Filomena Nightingale, Bertil Thomas, David Maars, Andreas Schwarz

    Painting, Drawing, Photography, Comic, Tape-art, Sculpture, Installation, Performance

    The Empathische Tribunale is curated by David Maars and Andreas Schwarz

    About Die Kette

    Art, as it is often described, is in its essence both an appropriation of the world and a visionary transgression against its designs. In keeping with this idea, the primary impulse to this exhibition was a process of friendly communication and cooperation between artistically inclined people.

    The focus of the exhibition is on the actual encounter of the artists, the resulting joint work, the clash of different artistic trends of our present time, expressed in techniques such as photography, painting, tapestry, performance, spatial installation, comics, or sculpture.

    The members of Die Kette are united by their interdisciplinary activities in the sister arts of the fine arts – film, theater, acting, event design, music and literature.

    The astonishment at the absurd coincidences that led to the group’s first meetings, the variety of people and the friendly dynamic, which developed quickly, led to joint art projects of the most diverse kind – readings, concerts, performances, events, and now in the founding of the artist group and the first joint exhibition at SomoS.

    Is it art that renders our sympathy so strong without long acquaintance, acting as an instant empathic psychogram, easily creating connections that otherwise would have taken much time to construct? And is it possible for a viewer of the Empathische Tribunale to feel this spark during a tour of the exhibition? This is the question the artist group directs to itself and to the audience.

    David Maars & Andreas Schwarz, Curatorial Statement



    Opening Reception November 5th 2019 6-9pm
    with “The Joy of Waterboiling,“ a cooking performance by Thomas Götz von Aust

    Midissage November 12th:
    19:00 Uhr Performance “Object Trouvé: Der einsame Krieger”
    Marianne Enzensberger singt für Florian Trümbach
    20:00 DIE FRITTATE by Thomas Götz von Aust
    Performed by Gabriele Gysi

    Finissage November 16th:
    19:00 Uhr Performance Bertil Thomas & Andreas Schwarz “HALLOO ICH“ & MC Thomas Korn

    Duration: November 6-16 2019
    Open Tuesday- Saturday, 2-7pm
    Sunday November 17th we are open as apart of the “Ateliertag Neukölln” from 2-6pm
    Entry free
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    6 (Wednesday) 2pm - 16 (Saturday) 7pm


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE

  • 11P2P Project Feedback Session
    Hosted by Iria do Castelo
    7pm - 9pm

    Event Details

    Monday, November 11, 2019 at 7-9pm, SomoS host a new edition of our regular Peer to Peer Feedback Sessions, this time moderated by SomoS Artist-in-Residence Iria do Castelo (Spain).

    This session is open to artists, curators and creatives of any background who would like to receive feedback on their work.

    At each session, artists and curators comment on each other’s work in an outspoken and constructive manner, with the presence of a moderator. The purpose of the session is to create a casual but focused atmosphere, in which creators get the opportunity to share their own work-in-progress and challenges, and at the same time to critique their peers.

    The session is free of charge. Capacity is limited to 8-10 people per session so registration in advance is required.

    Please confirm your participation by emailing somos@nullsomos-arts.org, and we will send you a confirmation back.

    Please bring along documentation of your work in any shape or format. There will be a video projector available. Physical work is also welcome.

    About Iria do Castelo

    Surrealist chimera-like sculptures by Iria do Castelo in a well-lit gallery space.
    Iria do Castelo is a multi-disciplinary artist from Spain who developes her installations by drawing from the hidden tensions and impulses of human psychology. Looking at eroticism as the very unique way to approach the physical limits and the animal condition of the human body, do Castelo creates perverse and chaotic settings in which sculpture draws on emotion rather than formal rules.

    In 2012 do Castelo graduated with a Masters in Graphic Design from Fundación CIEC. A Coruña, Spain and is represented by galleries in Spain, Hong Kong and Melbourne. She has exhibited extensively in a number of solo shows, group exhibitions and art fairs internationally, and is currently an Artist-In-Residence at SomoS. Her work has been featured at MAC Contemporary Art Museum in Coruña, Spain, and she has participated in Art Madrid, Swab Art Fair Barcelona and Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong.
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    11 (Monday) 7pm - 9pm


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE

  • 16 - 17Open Studios Neukölln 2019
    SomoS Open Studios Black Jaguar & Jan Verbruggen

    Event Details

    Since 2016, the Art Spaces Neukölln initiative has worked diligently to secure Neukölln’s place in Berlin’s burgeoning art scene. Neukölln stands out from the crowd through the neighborhood’s strong community ties, dedication to experimenting and producing innovative, compelling works with international artists, and straying away from commercial content. Around 40 art spaces are home to various types of art ranging from traditional art forms, media art, sound art to performance art.

    Art Spaces NK already holds guided tours among the art spaces with the possibility to speak to gallery directors and artists. Now, Neukölln Art Spaces presents the Open Studios Neukölln 2019 from Saturday, 16 November (14h-20h) until Sunday, 17 November (14h-18h). The Open Studios aim to reinforce the special bond between artist and viewer while offering insight into the artists’ creative process and a chance to see where their ideas come to life. This weekend there will be open studios dispersed throughout Neukölln with 53 different program points in 38 art spaces.

    SomoS will take part in the Open Studios Neukölln 2019 weekend with two of our Artists-In-Residence; South Korean multidisciplinary artist, Black Jaguar and Belgian visual artist, Jan Verbruggen inviting the public to visit their studios and learn about their work from the artists personally.

    Black Jaguar

    Samdae, drawing by Black Jaguar
    Take a dive into the world of Korean artist Black Jaguar, who came to Berlin with the support of the Arts Council Korea (ARKO). Jaguar works on portraits, drawings, videos, installations, and fashion, all related to exploring the Korean female experience and reclaiming misogynistic female stereotypes from Korean myths and pop-culture into bold, empowered feminist symbols.
    More information on Black Jaguar

    Jan Verbruggen

    An abstracted painting depicting a figure and 50s style red rocket, by Jan Verbruggen on a baroque wallpaper, its earthy tones very similar
    Belgian visual artist, Jan Verbruggen‘s studio will lure you onto alternate, surreal realities through his paintings, drawings, and installations.
    Supported by a grant from the Flemish Government, Verbruggen is taking a sabbatical from his academic position teaching Painting and Drawing at the Rijks Hoger Onderwijs voor Kunst RHoK Academie Brussels, preparing and presenting a new body of work in Berlin. In his art, Verbruggen seeks to represent the world through maps and blur the distinction between the real and the imaginary.
    More information on Jan Verbruggen

    This initiative is organized by the association WerkStadt e.V. The Initiation of Open Studios Neukölln 2019 is supported by the Fachbereich Kultur / Dezentrale Kulturarbeit (Department of Culture / Decentralized Cultural Work).

    Art Spaces NK – Official Event Page
    Atelier Program
    PDF Map of Atelier Locations

    While you’re at SomoS, don’t forget to visit the group exhibition “Empathetic Tribunal”- Empathische Tribunale – Finissage am 16. November 19:00 Uhr. Artists from the group “Die Kette” (The Chain”) showcase a variety of art all drawing upon sub-, club-, and pop culture.

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    16 (Saturday) - 17 (Sunday)


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE

  • 24Art See Ocean Gallery & AIR
    AIR Presentation & Performance
    6pm - 9pm

    Event Details

    Sunday 24th November 2019, 6-9pm, SomoS hosts an AIR presentation and performance, in which the founders of Art See Ocean Gallery & Artist in Residence, Stefan and Theresa Lekberg, invite artists, residencies and art lovers to a presentation of their artist residency and art projects.


    Artist talk and presentation of Art See Ocean Gallery & Artist in Residence in Sweden.

    Performance AKIN, a Butoh and experimental sound art installation by Theresa Lekberg (Performance art), Riako Napitupulu – Rea Lee (Butoh dance), Ariel William Orah (Ravenative), musician, with special appearance by interdisciplinary artist Samaquias Lorta on Cello.

    19:30- 21:00
    Networking & Food-art by Soydivision Berlin.

    About Art See Ocean Gallery and Artist in Residence

    Art See Ocean Gallery & Artist in Residence is situated in a beautiful nature preserve in the Swedish archipelago just 45 min outside from Stockholm. It is an experimental studio that aims to give a challenging, open-ended experience. Artist couple Stefan and Theresa Lekberg house artists from all over the world. A range of artists connected to the initiative come there to hold workshops and masterclasses in media such as photography, dance, film, visual artist & performance.

    About the Performers:

    Theresa Lekberg

    Co-founder of Art See Ocean Theresa Lekberg is an interdisciplinary artist who uses media such as performance, film and photography. She uses her body “to express unknown dimensions, applying symbols and ritual while crossing emotional, physical and spiritual barriers into regeneration.” Touching the borders of the subconscious, the erotic and the sacred, she aims to make the unseen visible.

    Riako Napitupulu

    German-Indonesian-Japanese painter, performance artist, art therapist and social worker Riako Napitupulu grew up in Düsseldorf. In her work, she navigates different world, moving across diverse cultures and languages, Her focus is on participatory art projects in public space. Her topics include human and social issues as discrimination, intersectionality and belonging. Her movements are influenced by the creative intensity and expressive styles of Butoh and improvisation dance.

    Ariel William Orah (Ravenative)

    Ariel William Orah is a Berlin-based Indonesian artist who explores themes related to identity, memory and scarcity. He is working with variety of media, ranging from audio and sound sculptures, physical and interactive installations, as well moving and still images. He co-founded an empathy driven artist collective L-KW, Bandung-based progressive rock band Vincent Vega and indonesian gastronomy initiative Soydivision. Selected works included commissioned installation for Tanz im August – Internationales Festival Berlin (2016), solo album Scarcity (2017), film-music scoring for Deeper High, Germany (2018) and ‚WIM‘ (2018) under the alias Ravenative.

    Special thanks to interdisciplinary artist Samaquias Lorta for a guest performance on cello.

    About Soydivision Berlin

    Soydivision Berlin is an art collective formed by Berlin based Indonesians with the goal of provoking a discussion about the exploration and expression of identity through art and food. Exposure to, and interaction with different people, mediums, environments and designs, lead to artistic and culinary experimentations. Every output by the collective features a collaboration with a guest artist to reflect a process that demands symbiotic interactions, prone to unforeseen interventions.

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    Art See Ocean Gallery homepage

    Photo: AKIN, courtesy Diana Juneck

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    24 (Sunday) 6pm - 9pm


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE