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  • 4PALA LAB – Collective Affairs
    International Laboratory & Exhibition
    5pm - 9pm

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    Initiated and curated by ZONA DYNAMIC /
    Vincent Chomaz & Eliza Goldox

    What is the relevance of the collective in the age of competitive individualism?

    What does it mean for us—artists and cultural operators—to be working together?

    It is a source of empowerment, a reaction, a conscious act of revolt or an accident?

    Can we work together and resist a system based on exploitation and domination?

    PALA is an artist laboratory with the key aim to explore the nature of collaboration and its politics. The program proposes the creation of a temporary community of artist groups and collectives—a meta-collective—to establish an environment for co-production and co-existence.

    ZONA DYNAMIC is initiating PALA—dedicated to the exploration of collaborative and participatory artistic practices and the sharing of knowledge.

    It inspired by Palanese culture in Huxley’s utopian “Island”. “Island” illustrates what could be done in a community if it was built on the premise of goodness—sharing—rather than hierarchies of power and exploitation.

    PALA will bring together artists and collectives from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Berlin to work on projects based on notions of change, transition, and transformation. PALA will repurpose its host location into a temporary space of co-creation and critical exchange, while proposing an extensive program of public talks every evening, an on-going symposium on and about collective making, collective working, and collective being.

    Focusing on performance, sound, and video, PALA intends to highlight and unwind the political, social, historical, or cultural narratives at work within and between African, Middle-Eastern, Asian, and European societies. The collective is here envisioned as a space of struggle, protest, affirmation, change, and hope—a space of social and political transition where territories, identities, bodies, genders, and the everyday can be renegotiated, transformed, or questioned.

    At the end on the 4th of August the laboratory becomes exhibition!

    Participating Artists:

    Cairo Bats

    Jeanno Gaussi

    The Disrupter X Project/ Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi and Pamela Sunstrum Phatsimo

    Tita Salina and Irwan Ahmett

    Utopian Union

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    Pala’s artists are supported by Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Canadian Embassy, Goethe Institute Indonesia, Goethe Institute South Africa, Mophradat

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    4 (Saturday) 5pm - 9pm


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE

  • 21 - 25r/evolving: Lara Salmon
    Opening: Tue. August 21st 2018, 6-9 PM

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    An exhibition of work and documentation of performance projects in Germany by American artist Lara Salmon, a SomoS resident for summer 2018.

    As part of her artistic work in Berlin, Salmon performs “Tower 13” a ritualized sleep-in at the Tempelhof airport for 30 days leading up to the opening date of her exhibition. She describes her intention of visiting the space every night and sleeping there as a poetic musing on the complicated history of the site itself.

    “As I lie in the night, a radar tower glowing ominously red looms above me. The Americans built it during their 50-year occupation of the airport. Below me is the 24-hour “Arrival Center for Asylum Seekers.” Beyond its entrance people wait to be sent to proper refuge shelters or to be denied asylum. Between the glare of the radar tower and the noises of trucks to the center, I drift in and out of sleep. ”

    — Lara Salmon, speaking about Tower 13

    The artist will also exhibit a video project, produced in collaboration with Yaron Guerrero Santos, a fellow Los-Angeles artist and recent transplant to Germany, with whom she also performed at his recent solo exhibition at KdeWe in Stuttgart.

    Opening: Tuesday, August 21st, 6:00-9:00 PM
    Duration: Wednesday, August 22nd – Saturday, August 25th, 2018
    Visiting Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 2:00-7:00 PM, or by appointment
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    About Lara Salmon

    Lara Salmon was born and raised in California, USA. She received her BA from UC Berkeley and her MFA from Claremont Graduate University. She has worked primarily in performance since being introduced to the medium while studying in Beirut, Lebanon.

    Lara has also been involved with developing projects that unite art with refugee aid since the refugee crisis in Syria began. She has worked on such projects in California, Jordan, and more recently in Berlin. More information

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    21 (Tuesday) - 25 (Saturday)


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE