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  • 4 - 18Jan Verbruggen – Thesauros, The Treasury
    Solo Exhibition, Painting, Installation, Social Art
    2pm - 7pm

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    With the debut exhibition on SomoS’ 2020 program, between January 4 and 18, SomoS starts the year on an experimental and democratic note, presenting Belgian visual artist Jan Verbruggen’s solo exhibition Thesauros, The Treasury.

    Representing the results of Verbruggen’s three month artist residency at SomoS in Berlin, the show traverses the fields of painting and installation, bringing together an extensive collection of acrylic, oil, watercolor and alkyd lacquer paintings on wood, presented in an interactive format.

    Viewing his artistic role as similar to that of a cartographer, Verbruggen’s paintings establish what can be thought of as an associative, whimsical map, that can be shaped and reshaped by viewers, who are invited to create the exhibition as they see fit.

    Since 2012, Verbruggen has produced over 150 paintings that are cataloged, labelled and stored in boxes as part of his ongoing Thesauros, The Treasury project. The Ancient Greek word “thesauros” (θησαυρός) means treasure, treasury or storehouse and is derived from the term “tithenai” which means to put or place.

    Verbruggen’s treasury, the blue boxes brimming with paintings, are scattered throughout the gallery space to be inspected by viewers, who then act as curators and place the works on the gallery walls. In this way, participants are able to map their own collective, imaginative landscapes and create visual narratives from the pieces offered by Verbruggen, negotiating with one another in the exhibition space precisely how the selected paintings should be arranged.

    Like cartographers with spatial information, Verbruggen’s installation creates a platform in which viewers can curate a sizeable collection into a cohesive and concise display. While in one sense an overload for the viewer, this process may also be relieving: as Ischa Tallieu, Director of Tallieu Art Office, Brussels puts it, “In this digital era where images are generally archived to be browsed on a screen, it’s liberating to touch, feel, smell and interact with the paintings of Jan Verbruggen. “Thesauros, The Treasury” gives the spectator a tactile experience that brings us to the core of painting.”

    View the Thesauros collection at Jan Verbruggen’s web site.

    About Jan Verbruggen

    In his work, Belgian visual artist Jan Verbruggen deals with the fundamental human condition of feeling lost or disoriented. Based in Brussels, the artist works in a number of mediums; primarily painting, drawing and installation, as a way to gain control of the over-stimulation we experience in daily life.

    Verbruggen holds a Fine Art, Masters in Visual Arts from LUCA in Brussels. His work has been exhibited both regionally and internationally. With his solo shows he has exhibited extensively throughout Belgium including, Galerie Fortlaan17 in Ghent, SECOND room in Antwerp and Vienna International Apartment in Brussels. He has also participated in numerous group shows throughout Europe, most notably exhibiting at Le Palais des Beaux-Arts (BOZAR) Museum for Contemporary Art and the Belvue Museum in Brussels. Verbruggen teaches Painting and Drawing at the Rijks Hoger Onderwijs voor Kunst (RHoK) Academie Brussels.
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    Opening Reception: Friday, January 3, 2020 6-9pm
    Welcome speech by Lotte Ysenbrandt, Deputy General Delegate to the Government of Flanders.

    Duration: January 4-18, Tuesday-Saturday 2-7 and by appointment

    SomoS, Kottbusser Damm 95, 1.0G, 10967, Berlin (U8 – Schönleinstraße)

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    Jan Verbruggen’s artist residency at SomoS is supported by the Flemish Government.

    Research Foundation - Flanders

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    4 (Saturday) 2pm - 18 (Saturday) 7pm


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE

  • 14P2P Project Feedback Session
    Hosted by Curator and Scholar Noor Bhangu
    7pm - 9pm

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    January 14th 2020, SomoS hosts a new edition of our regular Peer to Peer Feedback Sessions, this time moderated by curator and scholar Noor Bhangu.

    This session is open to artists, curators and creatives of any background who would like to receive feedback on their work.

    At each session, artists and curators comment on each other’s work in an outspoken and constructive manner, with the presence of a moderator. The purpose of the session is to create a casual but focused atmosphere, in which creators get the opportunity to share their own work-in-progress and challenges, and at the same time to critique their peers.

    The session is free of charge. Capacity is limited to 8-10 people per session so registration in advance is required.

    Please confirm your participation by emailing somos@nullsomos-arts.org, and we will send you a confirmation.

    Please bring along documentation of your work in any shape or format. There will be a video projector available. Physical work is also welcome.

    About Noor Bhangu

    Noor Bhangu is a curator and scholar of South Asian descent based in Toronto, whose work employs cross-cultural encounters to interrogate issues of diaspora in post- and settler-colonial contexts. Her work largely engages issues around diasporic belonging, archival rummaging, and cultural translations.
    In the past, her exhibitions have highlighted diaspora-centric art production through critical detours into archival/counter-archival practices in diverse social contexts, including South Asia and Canada. Through this approach, the archive has figured as a metaphor and a verb to remove what she has considered to be systematically destructive ways of creating history. In future projects, she moves towards the plane of the digital and virtual to consider the ways in which identity is shaped and translated online to dismantle hidden transcripts of neutrality and erasure. Through this she would like to shift her focus from art as a method of moving through the past to one in which art is a way to move out into the world.

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    14 (Tuesday) 7pm - 9pm


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE

  • 24The Zero – Juan Pablo Cámara & Zander Porter
    Performance / Vorspiel Festival
    7pm - 9pm

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    The performance entitled The Zero by artists Juan Pablo Cámara and Zander Porter takes place on Friday, January 24th 2020 at SomoS as part of the 2020 “Vorspiel,” the preliminary program leading up to the Transmediale Festival for Art and Digital Culture.

    The Zero unites the physical realm with the digital where the presence of technology interferes with rehearsed and improvised human interactions between the two male-embodied performers.

    The artists describe their performance as a “hypocenter: a ground zero warzone staging a never-before-seen battle. The rules of combat are described by a computationally-encoded ‘TreeMap.’ The TreeMap is a node-matrix of relationality where nodes are defined by states of embodiment which both performers enter with telepathic, ultra-connected immediacy. Rehearsed through eye-to-eye-contact (and sometimes ‘hand-to-hand combat’), the Zero’s matrix permits accelerated transitions, unforeseen evolutions, and the erosion of identification.”

    The Zero represents Cámara’s and Porter’s memory algorithm. An emptied nest, it is a choreography welcoming a hoard of new figures, fictions, species, and meshes always sitting at the edges of representation.

    We are looking forward to seeing you at this much anticipated performance.

    About the Artists:

    Zander Porter is an artist, performer, and curator from Los Angeles, based in Berlin. Porter’s work focuses on the space between “liveness and onlineness,” proposing new forms of social relation with internet culture and technology at the forefront.

    Juan Pablo Cámara is an Argentinian artist, dancer, and performer, based in Berlin. His work creates narratives and identities that problematize the ways in which language determines experience and perceptions of reality.

    The Zero
    Performance by Juan Pablo Cámara & Zander Porter
    January 24th 2020, 7-9pm
    Doors open at 6:30pm, performance starts 7pm sharp
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    24 (Friday) 7pm - 9pm


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE