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  • 10Scope Sessions #79
    Artist's Talks and Media Salon

    Event Details

    SomoS is pleased to host the 79th edition of the Scope Sessions Artist’s Talks and Media Salon. The Scope Sessions are a meeting point for the creative and the curious, a platform for sharing and learning in an informal setting. Each session, two guest artists are invited to present a project, a concept, a process or an experience. The presentations are short, around 30 minutes and unrestricted in form. Offering a variety of topics and approaches, Scope is about exposure, not for the artist, but for the audience.

    Media art work by Pierre Depaz using text and code blocks.

    Pierre Depaz

    Pierre Depaz is an educator, artist and programmer from France. He’s taught at NYU and CUNY, and currently teaches at Film-Universität Babelsberg. He is interested in the multiple ways computers are attempting to represent and interface with human concepts and emotions. His academic research revolves around simulation, semantics and public organization through technological means, while his artistic work includes digital games, computer simulations, interactive installations, networked performances and experimental web projects, and has been exhibited in NYC, Paris, Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Brussels and Berlin.

    For Scope #79 Pierre’s talk will use the pretext of an overview of work, from public to personal, professional to amateur and artistic to technical, to circle around the concept of the languages and communication, both human and machine -reaching from formal grammars to code poetry.

    More information: https://pierredepaz.net

    A layered collage of code and figures in the flyer for Selcuk Artut's upcoming show.

    Selçuk Artut

    Selçuk Artut’s artistic research and production focus on the theoretical and practical dimensions of the relationship between humans and technology. Artut’s artworks have been exhibited at Dystopie Sound Art Festival (Berlin, 2018), Moving Image NY (New York, 2015), Art13 London (London, 2013), ICA London (London, 2012), Art Hong Kong (Hong Kong, 2011), Istanbul Biennale (Istanbul, 2007), and received coverage at Artsy, Creative Applications, CoDesign, Visual Complexity, CNN GO.
    He holds a Ph.D. in Media and Communications from European Graduate School, Switzerland. Currently, Artut is the head of the Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Program at Sabanci University, Istanbul where he mainly teaches Sound and Interaction Courses. He has released several albums as a member of a Post-Rock Avangarde music band Replikas since 1998. In 2016, he founded, together with Alp Tuğan, the audio-visual performance group RAW, which produces works through creative coding and live-coding techniques. Artut is represented by Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul.

    At Scope, Artut will present his recent work that encompass his academic and artistic production, including some insights about his upcoming Berlin exhibition titled “Habituation.”

    More information: https://www.selcukartut.com

    Scope Sessions #79
    Thursday, January 10th 2019
    Doors open at 6:30pm
    Talks start at 7pm *sharp*
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    10 (Thursday) 6:30pm


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE

  • 11Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #4
    Lily Scherlis, Anna-Lea Schmitt, Nora Smith

    Event Details

    Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #4

    Screening & Artist Talk

    Featuring Lily Scherlis, Nora Smith and Anna-Lea Schmitt

    For the fourth edition of the Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* series of film screenings/artist’s talks, taking place Friday, January 11th 2019, 7pm, SomoS proudly presents an evening of queer cinema and conversation, curated by Zsombor Bobák. Presenting the work of artists Lily Scherlis (USA/Berlin), Anna-Lea Schmitt (Berlin), Nora Smith (Lausanne), we explore queer intimacy in the disembodied genderless digital realm, and gender-fluid bodies and sexual dissidence within a pornographic context.

    The screenings will be followed by a joint discussion led by Zsombor Bobák with Lily Scherlis, Anna-Lea Schmitt, Nora Smith, and Rosario Gallardo, performer in Smith’s I Fall in Love with Everyone.

    Apart from the screenings, several photo works by Nora Smith will be presented.

    Entry 18+

    Cinema Conversación

    Cinema Conversación brings the audience in direct dialogue with artists and filmmakers, thus creating a platform where thoughts and experiences can be shared freely and where the usual separation between spectator and artist is lifted.

    The program series deliberately focuses on LGBTQ* experiences and facilitates an ongoing discussion about feelings, desires, issues, goals, and social, political, and artistic positions of LGBTQ* individuals and communities. Besides the thematic focus, Cinema Conversación is also a platform to challenge and question the rigid boundaries of film and cinema, to expand on the idea of what the cinematic arts could mean, and to experiment with the wide range of genres and artistic practices involved in moving image-based productions.

    Lily Scherlis – Interstice/Objectivity

    Lily Scherlis’ 11 minute video Interstice is an attempt to embody queer intimacy. It incarnates the ongoing cloud conversation that undergirds almost all intimate relationships in two gender-fluid bodies in the darkness of non-space. It takes the text from all of the SMS-based interaction of the first two weeks of a queer relationship as its script, the silent verbal contact that punctuates and coordinates actual physical encounters. It renders this underlying conversation as an intimate space unto itself, a dark room where the displaced and digitized voices are given bodies as pixels. The vocal grain and the bodies work together with the script to provoke friction with the viewer’s desire to map the conversants into clear, binarized gender roles. The piece, along with most of Scherlis’ work, tries not only to represent queer intimacy in an age of digital love, but to queer our experience of networked interpersonal contact and technologically-facilitated affection. It’s a phenomenologically-investigative trip into how communication technology at once forecloses certain kinds of interpersonal contact but also opens up opportunities for new, queered intimacies and renderings thereof. Interstice is a hyper-literal attempt to make room for queer voices.

    Interstice is presented in tandem with Objectivity, a 20 min. video work which explores what happens to a digitally-originating textual dialogue where a gender binary is imposed upon the visual imagery.

    I Fall in Love with Everyone – Nora Smith

    I Fall in Love with Everyone by Nora Smith presents a vision of sexualities experienced as an emancipation of the private space into the public one, where the body is fluid and sensitive. In her video, explicit and unreal imagery meet, using the pornographic context to present a different expression of desire and self-objectification. Made-to-be perfect 3D bodies are diluted into tangible ones sharing passionate and respectful relationships. Eventually, we see organic shapes emerge, a sexuality made of emotions and fusions. This short movie explores fantasies, claims non-normative bodies and sexual dissidence.

    Nora Smith is deeply fascinated by the body; our incredible ability to experience touching and being touched in the same moment. Smith states, “The body is also our link to the world, the visible proof that we exist. Photography is a strange medium to control others bodies. Asking someone to assume a particular posture that he/she didn’t chose to adopt is a kind of dominating action, showing the disturbing power we suddenly have when holding a camera. Instead of freezing the model’s body, I wish to encourage them to disconnect from the mechanical gestures of daily life, to find a wilder and uncontrolled expression of themselves from deep inside, as in a trance. In other contexts, sexuality is a way to reach this kind of state, where the mind gets lost and the body becomes a surface of sensations and emotions, only driven by giving and receiving pleasure. The pornographic image has this unique goal: to excite, without asking the intellect its opinion.” With I Fall in Love with Everyone, Nora Smith aims to encourage an open discussion about sexualities, pleasure and taboos, bringing explicit content out of the intimate space.

    Anna-Lea Schmitt – Reverie

    Reverie is a 2D-animation project about the inner image of our outside reality. Imagination and fantasy are important factors of our sexual desires, nothing seems more personal than our own thoughts. It’s up to us if we share them or keep them for ourselves.

    Reverie is a process orientated work. It’s about how the characters interact with each other in different ways, what they tell if you combine them differently. Every character or graphic is able to stand for themselves but also to interact with each other and get loaded with different meanings depending on the recipient and what meaning he or she is giving it. Reverie shows gender fluently and the idea of embracing the own body, even personalizing the sex organs. It plays in a surrealistic and futuristic scenery to support the idea that it doesn’t take place in our known-world. It might be a dream of the recipient, a desire which he or she can project into the animations. The colors and characters are chosen to set the imagination free and to open the mind for a different reality.

    Schmitt designed Reverie to be “as open and freely as our sexuality should be and as society should accept it. The animation doesn’t give you rules which gender you should love or feel sexual attracted to. I feel that the human body and it’s sexuality is something which is in constant flux. We should be free to feel confident openly and at the same time I think it’s one of the most intimate things you can share with a person. The gender itself or the sexual orientation does not play a part in this”.
    Reverie imagines what a world could look like, if its people would be brave enough to dream and to follow their desires.

    About the Artists:

    Lily Scherlis

    Lily Scherlis is a Berlin-based artist and writer interested in using media such as video, installation, and print to trespass on the divide between self and other. She has published writing about topics as diverse as Super Mario 64, the films of Maya Deren, friendship and television, elitism and the collegiate literary magazine, artists living in rural Nebraska, and 1970s video art. She studied Comparative Literature and Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University.


    Nora Smith

    Nora Smith is fascinated with the body as a way to experience the real world, and all the sensations this involves. Her photographic and film work visually translates the body’s expressions, its epidermic sensations, tracing its movements from the mundane to the exalted. Building upon this fascination, Smith co-founded “Oil,” an ethical and dissident pornographic film production company, and started performing herself in various contexts.
    Smith finished her bachelor at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne) with a photography specialization in 2018. Strongly influenced by 3D high-res landscapes, Hayao Miyazaki’s characters and Forestia’s psychedelism, she developed a deep fascination for other-worlds. In the photographic medium, Smith found a way to create such worlds overflowing with fantasies, using tools such as studio lighting, digital manipulation and bodily transformation.


    Anna-Lea Schmitt

    Anna-Lea Schmitt is a Berlin-based motion designer. Her work is generally based on an experimental approach, incorporating a multicolored palette and morphing shapes which open the opportunity to recreate and reinvent the depiction of the human body. She likes to play with an naive approach and reflect the reality with an inner, deformed picture of it.


    Cinema Conversación LGBTQ* #4
    Queer-feminist takes on desire, the body, and friendship

    Featuring Lily Scherlis, Anna-Lea Schmitt, Nora Smith
    Screening & Artist Talk
    Friday, January 11th, 2019, doors 6:30pm start 7pm sharp
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    Entry 18+
    Kottbusser Damm 95, 1.OG
    10967 Berlin

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    11 (Friday) 6:30pm


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE

  • 12The Crane Wives
    Performance/Interactive Installation
    3 - 5pm

    Event Details

    The Crane Wives are back at SomoS with a new performance of their piece “The Crane Wives” – this time as a multiple-hour durational, interactive installation. Using much of the same material as their first performance but abandoning the narrative arc, the crane wives explores themes of loneliness, intimacy, and lonely intimacy with the audience.

    The piece is a surrealist meditation on the body and it’s reaction to other bodies in space, inviting you to explore and become part of the performance. Over a duration of two hours the audience has the chance to experience the installation through improvised and choreographed movement. The audience is free to enter and exit the installation whenever it wants, and to follow whichever character it feels drawn to in the moment, moving around and exploring the setting that make up this world.

    Patty Kim Hamilton
    Ayala Shoshana Guy
    Helena Palsson
    LiLi Nacht

    With original performance content by:
    Léna Besse

    The Crane Wives
    Saturday, January 12th 2018, 3 – 5pm
    Kottbusser Damm 95, 1.OG, 10967 Berlin (U8 Schönleinstrasse)

    Because there is limited space for audience, we ask that you RSVP ahead of time by emailing thecrane.wives.berlin@gmail.com. While it is possible to still come the day of the performance, registered viewers will have priority.

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    12 (Saturday) 3 - 5pm


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE

  • 23 - 26A place called ДОМ
    Doro Zinn, Stephanie Steinkopf, Tatiana Hahn
    2pm - 7pm

    Event Details

    Curated by Anastasia Leonova

    SomoS is proud to present the group exhibition A place called ДОМ, in which photographers Doro Zinn, Stephanie Steinkopf, and Tatiana Hahn explore the multi-layered meaning of home.

    Ukrainian curator Anastasia Leonova brings together three photographic series in A place called ДОМFuture Kids by Doro Zinn, Manhattan – Straße der Jugend by Stephanie Steinkopf and Another Time, Different Space by Tatiana Hahn.

    While staying in Berlin, Leonova researched the themes of migration and cultural background, trying to understand the impact of deracination and alternate ways of feeling attachment. She presents home as referring to social phenomena rather than a physical structure, noting that in Berlin, where people constantly come and go, the idea of home is addressed in the context of temporal identity.

    In their photographic work, Doro Zinn and Stephanie Steinkopf both address migration and home, spending time at the place of Berlin residents over the course of many years, while portraying their individual ways of dealing with the past and the future.

    Doro Zinn provides an exploration of the lives and identities of four young individuals in Future Kids. The children of Muslim immigrants from Jordan, Turkey and Palestine, Leila, Ilhan, Mohammed, and Coco grant the viewer a look into their lives through Zinn’s essayistic portraits. Photographed from Summer 2016 to Summer 2017 in Berlin, the 1960s tower blocks of Neukölln, historic buildings of Kreuzberg and sports grounds in Moabit provide a backdrop to their search for identity. Essays written by the subjects themselves accompany the photographic works.

    Stephanie Steinkopf has captured the everyday lives of people in Manhattan in the Oderbruch, a rural area structurally collapsed after the German reunification in 1989. Exploring the idea of home, Steinkopf’s photography depicts a general trend of social division that is innate not only within Eastern Germany but has also become clearly visible in many rural areas of the former East. “Manhattan is simultaneously the epitome of economic prosperity and a place of defeat.[….] No one settles here anymore. Everyone who is able to, leaves.” Stephanie Steinkopf visited Manhattan’s residents regularly over a period of four years for this project.

    Tatiana Hahn’s work constitutes a connecting link between her colleagues. Working with experimental photography, she creates “accidental imagery” within Another Time, Different Space, developing a group portrait during the exhibition. In an artistic provocation of migration and literal displacement, Hahn removes a person from their background and places them in an unfamiliar space; next to strangers, this evokes the feeling of being in another city.

    A place called ДОМ
    Group Exhibition
    Curated by Anastasia Leonova

    Participating Artists:
    Doro Zinn
    Stephanie Steinkopf
    Tatiana Hahn

    Opening Reception: Tuesday, January 22nd, from 6-9pm
    Open January 23 – 29th, daily 2-7pm. Entry is free.

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    23 (Wednesday) 2pm - 26 (Saturday) 7pm


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE

  • 24Peer to Peer Project Feedback Session
    Hosted by Anastasia Leonova

    Event Details

    Thursday, January 24th 2018, 7pm SomoS presents a new Peer to Peer Project Feedback Session, this time hosted by curator Anastasia Leonova (Ukraine). The session is open to artists, curators and creatives of any background who would like to receive feedback on their work.

    At each session, artists and curators comment on each other’s work in an outspoken and constructive manner, with the presence of a moderator. The purpose of the session is to create a casual but focused atmosphere, in which creators get the opportunity to share their own work-in-progress and challenges, and at the same time to critique their peers.

    The session is free of charge. Capacity is limited to 8-10 people per session so registration in advance is required.

    In case you’re interested, please confirm your participation by emailing
    . We will send you a confirmation back.

    Please bring documentation of your work in any shape or format. There will be a video projector available. Physical work is welcome as well.

    About the host Anastasia Leonova:

    A row of people in an art gallery watching a set of photographs.
    Opening of an exhibition curated by Anastasia Leonova.
    Anastasia Leonova is a curator from Kharkiv, Ukraine. She is the founding director and curator of Come In Art Gallery in Kharkiv, Ukraine since its inception in 2014, where she has produced more than 34 exhibitions focusing on contemporary concerns in fine art by emerging artists across all mediums.

    Leonova graduated from V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University with a Bachelors degree in sociology before going on to further studies with a masters degree from the department of history and theory of art at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts.

    While staying at SomoS in Berlin in 2018, Leonova researched migration and alternate ways of feeling attachment. The results are presented between January 23 – 29th at SomoS in her curatorial project A Place Called Дom, featuring photography and video by Doro Zinn, Stephanie Steinkopf and Tatiana Hahn.

    SomoS Art House, Kottbusser Damm 95, 1.OG, 10967 Berlin, Germany

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    24 (Thursday) 7pm


    Kottbusser Damm 95 - Berlin DE