Call for Volunteers: Un_Real Desires Group Exhibition

Join the SomoS Team for an Innovative Event!

01.10.2019   - 31.10.2019

SomoS Art House is looking for volunteer support for the Un_Real Desires group exhibition, taking place October 22nd-27th 2019 at SomoS Art House in Berlin.

This noncommercial, independent exhibition project is looking to integrate enthusiastic and talented volunteers from various backgrounds into its team.

Tee Un_Real Desires flyer shows a mirrored view of a semi-nude photographer with mobile phone, lit by atmospheric shimmering blue light patches.

About the Exhibition

Un_Real Desires presents performative projects, ephemeral installations, painting, sculpture, video-art, interactive works, durational art pieces and other art forms. It is part of a annual exhibition series, dedicated to exploring the medialization of sexuality and its effects.

In its scope something of a mini festival, this yearly exhibition is dedicated to supporting challenging art pieces and performances by innovative international artists, often including alternative sexual identities, whose explicit work may otherwise not be easily presented publicly within the existing art exhibition structures.

Previous editions of this exhibition series include: The Beholder, Un_Becoming.

Tasks may include:


  • Administrative Support
  • Event production and staging
  • Invigilating, Hosting & Audience Engagement
  • Artist Assistance
  • Exhibition Design/Installation/Teardown
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Motion Graphic Design
  • PR-and Art Writing/Artist Interviews
  • Photography, Videography, Live Streaming

Volunteers can benefit from participating in the following ways:


  • Grow your knowledge and professional development, pick up new practical or creative skills at an innovative, inclusive Berlin art space that is steadily gaining recognition
  • Exposure to cultural management, art event organizing and curating
  • Gain hands-on experience in art event organizing
  • Opportunity to network, share and engage with the art community
  • Grow your resume, receive professional feedback, receive professional references/recommendations for school or work


Your commitment can be agreed upon on an individual basis. Most work takes place in October 2019, leading up to and during the show, October 22nd-27th 2019, while certain post exhibition work lasts well into November.

About SomoS:

Active since more than five years, SomoS Art House in Berlin provides space and resources for the production, presentation, and reflection of the arts. Its mission is to create an international open framework for innovative arts, exhibitions, education and creative cooperation.

SomoS Art House Berlin
Kottbusser Damm 95, 1.OG, 10967 Berlin
Twitter: @SomoS_Berlin


If you are interested to join us as a volunteer for the Un_Real Desires exhibition, please fill in the form below.

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Volunteer Agreement
In agreeing to this liability waiver, I certify that I am a willing participant in SomoS' volunteer program. I agree to work according to instructions I receive. I agree to behave in a responsible manner. I agree to perform only work that I feel comfortable in doing and that I feel I can accomplish safely.

Permission – Use of Photographs
I grant permission to use individual and group volunteer photographs, films and videos of me for promotional or other uses furthering SomoS'mission, including use on the SomoS website, or social media.

Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk
I recognize that the opportunity to participate in SomoS' volunteer program may involve physical labor and may carry a risk of personal injury and I hereby agree to assume all risks which may be associated with my participation.

I hereby release, discharge, waive and relinquish all claims, liabilities and damages I may sustain from bodily injury, personal injury or property damage and hold harmless SomoS Art House, its officers, directors, employees and agents.