Carribean Feast

27.09.2013 20h  - 23h

After our “Ode to the Sea,” Pop-up Dinner, SomoS is very happy to invite you to a new cooperation with SomoS current “Chef in Residence” Morgan Daniel, with the help of Chef Jonas Kecskemethy-Vass.

This time, we explore the multicultural cuisine, styles and music of the Caribbean before WWII.

In the words of our Chef: “A culinary journey through the magical Calypso period, full of wonderful flavors…….soul food originating around Caribbean in the 18th and 19th century’s, taking inspiration from French planters, Spanish settlers, African slaves, Portuguese migrants and native Americans…… well touching on cuisines from Jamaica and Costa Rica …….think gumbo, crayfish bisque, smoked sausages, rice and beans, coconuts, cajun salmon, jerk chicken and real gutsy vegetables like yam and sweet potato. Plus the sweet flavors of pecan pies and cocoa concoctions.”

This synaesthetic Pop-up Dinner experience is organized to be enjoyed in a deliberately social and dynamic manner.

Chef Morgan has also prepared some classical cocktails of this place and time.

Musically the soundtrack to the evening by Ricardo Ferreira consist of some amazing vintage Calypso, boogie-woogie, and early Jazz.

The contribution to the costs of the dinner is 40€ per person (includes half a liter of fine wine and welcome cocktail)

To make a reservation, please call 0172 3118431, or email, using the phrase “Dinner RSVP“ to office (at) somos-arts (dot) org.

About Chef Morgan Daniel:

“Having spent my formation years contributing to London’s fine dining scene (The Ritz, Maze by Gordon Ramsay, sketch and The Square, I relocated to Berlin to expand my knowledge of culinary expression, where I came in contact with an artist who invited me to do a chef residency program In India for six months of research and development, collaboration and cultural immersion. I then moved onto Scandinavia and did an internship at Restaurant Noma, learning about foraging, aging and pickling.

My style is informed by cutting edge techniques, playful combinations and narrative detailing, I am inspired by the garden, the forest, the smell of a wild flower, the natural canvas of the earth and everything that is provided by nature.

I am like a sponge when it comes to new cultures and traditions, It thrills me to see the most simple cooking process from someone at home, respecting their own ritual traditions.

Cooking and eating is a world that brings us together as families and friends; it’s our fuel and fire, I am in love with food and I have met some of my greatest friends whilst working along the way.

The most inspirational thing anyone has ever said to me was at the Ritz hotel where I started my career: “After your 18 hour of sweat blood and tears when you go home and look In the mirror, just make sure you have made something beautiful that day, something that you are proud of.” This has stuck with me throughout my cooking life. And it’s something that I strive for in everything that I put my mind too.

I have also been lucky enough to do several development dinners, some with artists and musicians, which has been a great learning vehicle to express my own ideas.”