Casey Jenkins

performance, installation

from: 01.09.2017   to: 31.10.2017

Jenkins is an internationally-acclaimed performance-, installation- and community engagement artist exploring concepts of intimacy and identity and the interplay between modes of power; individual and institutional, perceived and concrete. Their work ranges from meditative to disruptive and has been presented in traditional and non-conventional spaces worldwide. They often toy with and attempt to redefine structures of power and influence through street art and experimental performance and to destabilize authorship and ownership by rallying gangs to create with and inviting audience collaboration.

Jenkins co-founded radical craft groups Craft Cartel and Knit Your Revolt, subverting and honoring art techniques often disparaged as ‘women’s work’ with street art, group workshops and 100% participatory performances. Their art has featured in documentaries, news articles, academic papers and hard copy art publications worldwide. Jenkins appeared at the 2016 Festival of Live Art in Melbourne and presented durational performance sMother at the 2016 Venice International Performance Art Week.

Waste Not – Casey Jenkins
November 2nd 2017, 1-8 PM, SomoS presented ‘Waste Not,’ a durational performance piece by Casey Jenkins as she concluded a 2-month residency at SomoS. Jenkins presented a slow-build performance and installation over the course of 6 hours, culminating (at 7pm) with a 10-minute audience participation segment and, finally, a short artist talk and Q&A session.