Casey Tang

Multi-disciplinary Artist and Researcher

01.06.2019   - 31.07.2019

Casey Tang (b. 1984, NY) is a current student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), pursuing a Masters of Science in Art, Culture and Technology. Complex relational theories between “nature,” the social and the technological frame Tang’s research, which he applies to create actions, experiences, objects, and installations.

Tang’s research interests consider linguistic devices, systems theory, ontologies, narrative strategies, and performativity, applying these to diverse artistic mediums such as the planting of a self-sustaining food forest garden in Socrates Sculpture Park, New York, to working with scientists to produce a scroll that has “mapped” the sounds of the universe. Considering the complex interdependence of life, social, and technological systems, Tang particularly draws from Roland Barthes’ notion of the real, the concept of “signifiers” present in haikus and documentary photography, Zen indirect transmission devices, and Walter Benjamin’s works on optical unconsciousness. Further influences from diverse disciplines such as ecology, musicology, and narratology are utilized to create videos, performances, objects, and installations.

In Berlin for a two month artist residency with SomoS Arts, funded by MIT-MISTI, Tang will spend time exploring local art networks through music, science, technology, and academic institutions, intending to exchange ideas and expand his own current mode of research.

As Tang states,

My time will be spent researching and experimenting with forms that enable simulations of relational ontologies in the context of increasing destabilization of earth systems. My goal is to create a space where one is able to glimpse through current ontologies to others based on interdependencies.

I am also interested in the Berlin art network and producers… SomoS’ programming, facilities, location in Berlin and network create a perfect place for me to carry out my research, explore forms, exchange ideas, and create work.

Casey Tang

Casey Tang has exhibited in the US, Europe, and Asia. Solo exhibitions and projects have included Urban Forest Lab, Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City (NY) from 2014-2016; All Things Pass into the Night, Charpa Gallery, Valencia, Spain 2013-2014; and First Sounds at artists and bookmakers alliance Booklyn, Brooklyn (NY).

Tang is a recipient of the 2018 Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu Fellowship, and in 2015 received the Queens Museum/Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artist. His work is in various collections including Stanford University, the Inelcom foundation, and He Xiangning museum.

Casey Tang homepage

Supported by MIT-MISTI (MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives).


P2P Feedback Session Hosted by Casey Tang
July 5th 2019, Casey Tang graciously moderated a P2P Feedback Session for artists at SomoS, applying the Critical Response Process moderating technique. More information ->