Christie MacDonald

Painter and Printmaker

01.12.2018   - 28.02.2019

Christie MacDonald is a French-born artist based in Berlin, whose practice involves painting and print. She works in the abstract, referencing the digital age of the internet and social media. Pop culture and fine art, and the similarities and disparities between these two monolithic themes play an important role in her art.

A world traveler, MacDonald has lived in Europe, the US, and most recently, Asia, exploring and inquiring about culture differences and expanding her artistic practice. Integrating these experiences with the digital regime and a mix of chaotic energy, the artist hopes to create works that cause the viewer to question and reflect upon societal norms:

In my current series of paintings, I aim to channel the energy of these Asian cities. The omnipresence of color, the cultural shock, the chaotic energy are materials that feed my imagination. I will use my influences, and translate them on to canvas in a new personal interpretation resting on my memories.

Christie MacDonald, Artist’s Statement

MacDonald was born in Biarritz, France. She obtained a BFA from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. There she also took part in Group Show by Art Center of Design Gallery in 2017 and Graduation Show in 2018. In 2017, MacDonald’s works were also presented in the exhibitions “Aquarium of the Pacific” in Long Beach, California and “La Fonda” in the Biarritz Gallery, France.

In December 2018, the artist joined SomoS’s Berlin Artist-in-Residence program. During her residency, she researched the environment in Berlin in contrast to Los Angeles and Asia, while strengthening her skills as an abstract painter. Her solo exhibition Encoded, Stored and Retrieved is on view at SomoS exhibition space until May 8th 2019.

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