Christopher Sperandio

Visual artist, writer, producer, SomoS Resident Artist

01.12.2016   - 28.02.2017

Christopher Sperandio is an acclaimed visual artist, writer and TV producer based in Houston, Texas. His art activities are rooted from the conceptual art and political activism of the 1960s and take the form of comic books, television, and even painting installations.

Sperandio holds a Bachelor’s degree in Printmaking from West Virginia University and a Master’s in Painting from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has produced numerous collaborative projects for museums and art centers in the US, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France and the UK with institutions such as MoMA/PS1, London’s Institute of Contemporary Art, Fantagraphics Books and DC Comics.

Sperandio is also the executive producer of Artstar, the first reality TV series based in the New York City art world. He is additionally a founding member of KartoonKings, a media company engaged in the production of comic books, animations and films.

Currently an Associate Professor at Rice University in the school of Visual and Dramatic Arts, Christopher Sperandio followed a three month sabbatical as a Artist-in-Residence early 2017 at Somos Art House developing a new political graphic novel.

Christopher Sperandio by Zack Soltes
Christopher Sperandio at SomoS. Photo by Zack X Soltes

Sperandios’s comic appropriation process started from a collection of thousands of old comic book pages which he reassembled and appropriated in a compelling new order with an entirely fictional narrative of his own making, a story he named ‘Pinko Joe’. The graphic novel is an unconventional anti-neoliberal account fueled with wit, irony and humor.

The graphic novel currently in the works is a follow-up story to ‘Pinko Joe’, heavily drawing influences from the obscure role the United States has played in the Middle East conflict.

The story that I developed out of this process contains a number of subjects and themes that preoccupy my thoughts, the main one being the slow and painful destruction of democracy by vested private, big money interests.

Christopher Sperandio, Artist’s Statement

Associated Event:
Pinko Joe or Run! The Old World is Behind You!

Christopher Sperandio - Pinko Joe or Run! The Old World is Behind You!
Christopher Sperandio – Pinko Joe or Run! The Old World is Behind You!, newspaper/poster edition, 2017

February 23, 2017, 7pm, Sperandio presents his current work-in-progress, as well as a new poster/newspaper edition, and will conduct a video-assisted artist talk about his work.

Video by Zack Soltes