Chueh Chiao Han

panting, installation, public art

01.10.2017   - 31.12.2017

Chueh Chiao Han was born 1989 in Taipei. She works primarily in painting, as well as installation, photography and social art. She took part in several cultural preservation art projects in Taiwan’s rapidly changing environment, protesting the demolition of historic buildings that could be used to host art.

Chueh’s paintings portray the complexity of human relationships, social pressures, insecurity, validation, anxieties, attraction. Her Bataillian exploration of desire pushing against the constraints of civilization presents us with imagery that is transgressive and innocent at once.

In 2011 she received a B.F.A. in painting, from the Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of Arts, Taiwan.

Chueh Chiao Han’s solo presentations include “Beautiful Agony,” XX space, Seoul, Korea, 2017; “I Couldn’t Say It to Your Face,” SLY gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, 2015. Since 2014 she has presented her work widely in group shows that include Pier-2 Art Center, Koashung, Taiwan; Nomad Museum, Taipei, Taiwan; Luodong Culture Factory, Yilan, Taiwan.

Artist Residencies such as XING ER SPACE, Taoyuan, Taiwan; YAEF Art & Education Foundation, Taiwan have hosted the young artist. She has received project/exhibition grants from the Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government, and an international exchange grant from the National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan.

About the central themes of her art Chiao Han states:

My paintings focus on people, and describe the uneasiness, anxiety, or ecstasy that stem from the human, mostly female, existence in what I hope is an intuitive and straightforward way. Through constantly observing people around me, the way my body operates, and even more specifically computes emotions, changes; my working process becomes a game of sorts: a balance of observing human existence and creating visual pictures which are both interesting and also reflect the reality of what is necessary to fight against the negative feelings that society can cause.

Chueh Chiao Han, Artist’s Statement


As Artist-in-Residence at SomoS in the Fall 2017, Chueh Chiao Han will present her work in the Mutable Self group exhibition.