Cinema Conversación: Emre Busse&Ceven Knowles – Landlords

28.07.2016 7pm

‘Landlords’ explores the world of dungeons, adult playgrounds, and S&M rental properties in the fetish capital of Europe: Berlin. Through a close and intimate look at multiple fetish housing companies and S&M apartments, the motivations and beliefs of their owners and clientele, the documentary investigates the relationship between supply and demand in this niche of the sex market to perhaps understand and think of other new possible applications within the non-commercial gay and queer marketplaces.

This experimental documentation of a subculture and its relation to the marketplace and economics looks into who owns these places, how they are designed, to whom and how they are marketed, and how they fit into their niche market within Berlin’s well-known sex tourism trade. It is the hierarchies of desire, money, and commodity that are problematized in Emre Busse’s and Ceven Knowles’ thought-provoking film presented in SomoS’ Cinema Conversación series.

Presenting Landlords in the Cinema Conversación series is important in times when gentrification rapidly changes the cityscape and the lives of the city’s inhabitants, and when sex is becoming more and more of a commodity. Open discussions on these phenomena are crucial in understanding and critically thinking about the underlying economic and social processes.

Landlords examines and attempts to untangle the complicated relationship of desire and economics in an urban context. Berlin, sex, kink, money, commodity fetishism, and gentrification are themes saturating the film. Rather than looking for definite answers, the film asks questions in order to problematize a significant phenomenon.

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About the directors

Emre Busse – Emre Busse was born in Turkey, in 1990. He is an Istanbulite who double majored in Communication Design and Cinema with a minor in Sociology. He has been part of the collective called Pornceptual since 2013 as filmmaker and head curator. His films screened at Porn Film Festival Berlin, Sundance International Film Festival, !f Istanbul International Film Festival and Pink Life Queer Film Festival Ankara. He lives in Berlin, Germany.

Ceven Knowles – Ceven Knowles was born in 1974 in the USA and immigrated to Germany in 2004 is an internationally established producer, director, and editor of music videos, video art, and installation works. He began working with video in the early 1990’s and expanded into internet media with web-cam and live broadcasting, and produced the series “Anderecast” from 2006-2008. He is co-owner of CERUSmedia and one half of the visual-duo “The Mirror Collective”. Since 2014 he has begun producing live audio-visual events
and experiments in immersive experiences through multimedia installations and performance.
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The screening is followed by an open discussion with directors Emre Busse and Ceven Knowles.

Thursday, July 28 from 7pm until 9pm.

Please note: entry is only allowed for people over the age of 18 due to the film’s explicit sexual content.

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